TruePlay отвечает на дополнительные вопросы о TFS токенах, доходах казино, ликвидностью токена на бирже

After watching the video “TFS Token at FairSpin Casino. What is it, how does it work and is it possible to earn money? ”Some of them had additional questions. He invited the developers of the TruePlay blockchain platform to answer them. Read their answers below.

Tomb Grom (youtube): If tokens are credited when you spin slots, then tokens are the same comppoints, only comppoints cannot be sold on the exchange. I understand correctly? And second, they said that all unredeemed tokens will burn out on December 1, but if tokens are credited when people spin the slots, then there will be a lot of them again ...

TruePlay: In any game, TFS tokens are given, and they are not in any way refer to other bonuses, they are additional. The combustion of tokens does not affect their issuance for games or hold in any way. Tokens are limited in number and are not generated out of thin air. Some of the tokens were allocated for sale and those that were not sold will burn.

Tours to Mars (youtube): where will TFS be stored? can they be stored on exchanges? A wallet on your home computer - you need to start?

TruePlay: TFS can be stored on the balance in the casino widget, and on any cryptocurrency wallet, or on exchanges when there is a listing.

desm (telegram ): Do you think it plausible that a casino like FairSpin can have a profit of $ 8 million per year ($ 646 thousand per month), as they claim, and on the basis of which they pay holders?

And with such a significant profit, they conceived to raise up to $ 2 million (up to 600 million tokens at a "fair price" of $ 0.004: including burning - and even less)? At the same time, they claim that their "fair price" was calculated on the basis of last year's profit ... That is, last year their profit was $ 2 million ??? - This is something I somehow more willingly believe, on the contrary, $ 8 million / year.

Although about $ 2 million / year, I would prefer to look at the official statements. PS. And the fact that after December 1, the casino will have to redeem its tokens on the exchange in order to pay the holders with them is generally wild ... Over time, those who want to sell will decrease, there will be no liquidity.

TruePlay: Rounds of token sale mean that Fairspin sells 32% of the total supply for $ 2.3 million. The total capitalization will be known after the end of the sale, listing on the exchange and the burning of coins.

Liquidity will always be maintained by the operator in the pool due to buybacks, if the demand for the token grows, then the price of the token will grow dramatically. || | 357

K O (telegram): Я не очень понял момент с ликвидностью токена на бирже. Сейчас они продают токены по 0.004, всю сумму с продажи они отправят на поддержку ликвидности? Если так, то токен ниже 0.004 не сможет уйти в первое время и это заведомо плюсовая тема прикупить токенов

That's right, prices lower than 0.004 most likely will not be, therefore, it is profitable to buy a token now also with + 30% bonus. But the market is hard to predict. There should be a positive price trend over the long term.

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Hokykasino: Y me two days in a row on 3-4.11.2021 and then on the 6th the income from the hold would be 0. It turns out at this time the casino had zero (or negative income). Why then this is not visible on the daily profitability chart of Total Casino Income - this chart for any period does not fall below zero at all and always shows a positive plus of the casino

The same is with 30-minute holds. They often give zero profit. The casino type didn't work. But the Total Casino Income chart with the Day filter (in it every point stands in an hour) - none of this point about goes below zero, showing a positive profit. Why then 0 for half an hour holds? if the graph shows that the casino still earned

Yes, the casino's income was below zero, the graph shows that the casino's income is cumulative, but there are times when the schedule falls, these are the moments when the negative GGR goes.

Hokykasino: Допустим, я захолдил в 12:58 и затем спустя 4 минуты в 13:02. Холд на период считается с момента нажатия на холд? Или есть какие-то интервалы фиксированные, выборки временные, в которые я попадаю?

Hold is counted from the moment the tokens are sent. Every 5 seconds a snapshot is recorded, which calculates the casino's income and distributes it among the holders. If you make two identical holds 1 minute apart, the profitability there will also be different.

Hokykasino: On the 5th, the profitability of the hold was very high. What is the reason for this? High rollers lost? is it possible to check it somehow? you have a blockchain where everything is open.

Yes, the high roller has lost a lot = everyone has received a lot of income. It's all in Explorer, but it's not in production yet. It will be available at the link

In general, it can be seen by the growth of GGR, if it is, then you can calculate the% of it that is distributed to the pool and multiply it by your share in pool and calculate income. Or take the% annual which is written and on the basis of it calculate your potential income.

NonHopkins (telegram): Once again about the 5th number. it turns out that the casino was in the black by 1.5 million dollars, they distributed interest per day. For me - $ 1.5 million a day is a wild amount. Really 1.5 million in income per day? During this day, 14 million TFS were distributed during the daily hold ...

This is cumulative income! To understand income per day, you need to include a weekly chart. view the accumulated income for the 5th day and subtract the accumulated income for the 4th day. On average, fairspins have a daily income of $ 20- $ 30K per day

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