The most famous roulette strategies and their effectiveness

Для азартных игр придумано немало советов, которые должны помогать выигрывать. Особенно много рассказывается про стратегии игры в рулетку. Кто-то рекомендует делать ставки по одной схеме, кто-то по другой. Разберемся с наиболее популярными из них и посмотрим, могут ли вообще стратегии увеличить шансы на выигрыш.

Are there any win-win strategies in roulette?

Let's start with the most important thing - the question of the effectiveness of strategies in roulette. Unfortunately, no system can guarantee any result. They can all be used just for fun. Many of them do not take into account the main principle of roulette - each result does not depend on the previous ones. For example, the red sector can appear for the last 20 rounds, and on the 21st launch it will have the same chance to drop out.

стратегии игры в рулетку

Progressive Roulette Strategies

Roulette strategies are divided into two categories - progressive and non-progressive. The first type is the most risky, since an increase in rates is proposed. One of the most famous progressive roulette strategies is Martingale. It is known not only in roulette, but also in other games, such as blackjack.

Martingale strategy. The essence of Martingale is to double your bet size after each loss. Bet on equal chances. After each loss, the player must double the bet. If the bet on black loses, the bet is again placed on black, but with more money. In case of another loss, the next time he is again bet on black and the amount of risk increases again. And so on until the victorious.

As a result, when a win does occur, the player is left with a profit of one initial bet. The problem is that with long losing streaks, the amounts quickly grow to enormous sizes. And then the player may simply run out of money, or the maximum of the table is reached. And this is very real. For example, if you start the game with $ 1, then after the seventh loss you will be forced to bet $ 128, and after the tenth - $ 1024.

Such prolonged series of failures are real and not as rare as you might initially think. After all, one round has nothing to do with the previous ones, and the odds of a certain outcome always remain the same.

There is also a roulette strategy called reverse Martingale. It is the exact opposite of the regular Martingale and implies doubling the bet after each win. This is also not the best and safest method of playing.

D'Alembert's strategy. The least risky of the progressions is the strategy D'Alembert. Как и в предыдущем случае, ставка делается на равные шансы. Но на этот раз после проигрыша увеличение ставки происходит не в два раза, а на фиксированную сумму. Эту сумму игрок выбирает сам, исходя из своего банкролла. Рекомендуется выбирать не более 1% от банкролла, а более безопасным будет 0.5% или даже еще меньше.

For example, you have only $ 100 to play. This means that the increase should not be more than $ 1. If the first bet is $ 1, then if you lose the next one will be $ 2, then $ 3, $ 4, etc. So instead of $ 1,024 after the tenth loss in a row, you have a $ 11 bet. Much safer than Martingale strategy.

Fibonacci strategy. An Italian mathematician more than 800 years ago discovered a sequence that is often found in nature. But the main symbolism of the Fibonacci sequence is the shell of the snail. It was some important discovery in mathematics, but casino players applied it to roulette and developed a strategy based on it.

стратегии игры в рулетку фибоначи

The Fibonacci sequence is numbers, each of which is the sum of the previous two. The result is 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, etc. Each time, to find the continuation of the sequence, simply add the last two numbers. Playing roulette according to this system implies raising and lowering the rates in this sequence.

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When you lose, move forward, increasing the amount. When you win, go back two steps, lowering the rate. Thus, the player will make a profit, even if the number of won bets is less than the number of lost ones.

Fixed Betting Strategies on Roulette

There is nothing difficult here - just bet the same amount anyway. Won or lost, it doesn't matter, the rate never changes. The James Bond roulette strategy belongs to this category. This famous hero is said to have used it.

The essence of this roulette system is to cover 25 out of 37 numbers in order to increase your chances of winning. It will cost money, but how much is up to you. Increase or decrease the amounts in proportion to those given below. The player must bet:

  • $ 14 on "over" (numbers 19-36)
  • $ 5 on six numbers from 13 to 14
  • $ 1 on zero

The player loses if any numbers from 1 to 12 come up. In this case, the loss is $ 20. If a zero falls out, the winnings will be $ 16, and if the bet "over" or six numbers (13-18) plays, the total winnings will be $ 8 and $ 10, respectively.

This strategy seems to be the most profitable. However, this is not quite true. If we count that 37 rounds have been played and each number has dropped out once, then it turns out that the player will lose $ 20.

  • Zero falls out once - plus $ 16
  • Six times numbers from 13 to 18 - plus $ 60
  • "Over" bet will play 18 times - plus $ 144
  • 12 times loss due to a roll from 1 to 12 - minus $ 240

Common misconceptions about roulette systems

Players may feel that the results of roulette games are interrelated. If one color has dropped out several times in the last draws, then the chances that the opposite color will fall out increases. This is actually a false impression. This would be true if, for example, every winning cell were removed from the roulette wheel. Then one color could be less than another. Accordingly, the odds would change. But since the wheel always remains the same, no change in probabilities occurs.

Some players may also notice hot and cold numbers. That is, those that dropped out the most times or less over a certain period. However, this information does not give anything either. The fact that the number has appeared ten times in the last 50 spins does not mean that he has less or more chances to win. These are all illusions.

In fact, you can use any roulette system just for fun. None of them will provide guaranteed winnings now or in the long run. Be especially wary of progressions, as these strategies can literally bankrupt you in minutes.

If someone lures you with a special, win-win roulette strategy, don't believe it. And don't buy the suggested secrets to help you win. This is all cheating. Better just enjoy the game. Roulette and casino rules make it impossible to develop winning strategies.

There are systems out there to help you win more often, but none guarantees that you will emerge victorious. With the same success, you can simply bet on 34 exact numbers, covering almost the entire table. Or even bet on red and black at the same time, plus zero. Then one of the bets will definitely win - guaranteed. But in general, you will lose every time, because you spend more than you win.

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