Online Casino Glossary

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Abuser (from Abuse) is a player who loves and abuses freebies. Usually busy looking for an online casino where you can grab a freebie for registration and make money on it

Account ( Account) - each the player, after completing the registration procedure, receives an individual account to which money will be credited.

American Roulette - one of the two versions of roulette, which has numbers 1-36, 0 and 00, unlike the European version, which does not have 00. Adding 00 doubles the house edge.

Anchor - the player sits on the right hand of the dealer and therefore the latter acts in front of the dealer. The last player. Also called the Base. (Blackjack)


Bug - wild card with limited use for filling flushes or straights. Also used in place of the ace in poker. Also, a bug is an error in the program, system, etc., due to which the program produces unexpected behavior.

Base card - the card on which all the cards of the suit are stacked (in solitaire).

Baccarat - a gambling card game.

Bankroll (bankroll) - literally translated as bank turnover. In other words, the bankroll is the money that the player spends during the game session. It is also called the game bank.

Reels - vertical "rotating" lines in slot machines, their number ranges from three to nine, but there are more.

No Deposit Bonus (Nodep) - a gift from an online casino, usually in the form of cash with a wager. Sometimes there is an additional condition for withdrawing the bonus - after the wager is fully wagered, it is necessary to make a deposit

Free spins - one of the most attractive bonus features of slot machines. You get a chance to win without placing a bet, your winnings will be paid according to the bet that activated the free spin feature.

Broken - card removed from the game.

Блеф - a bet in poker on the cards of a hand that the player considers weak.

Blackjack - a gambling card game. It is an American version of the game, known in many countries as a point or twenty-one.

Home bet - the lowest possible bet (in some cases - a bet that does not exceed $ 1). This expression is by no means offensive

Bonus (Bonus) - money that is a reward from a casino, usually provided free of charge or under certain conditions.

Bonus function - just a slot machine that offers one or more bonuses such as free spins, multipliers, special symbols, etc.


Value (variance) in slot machines is the level of risk. The frequency and size of the winnings that the player will receive depends on it.

The video slot is a slot machine with animated inserts. Bonus games and additional interactive inserts are often dropped on video slots.

Spin (spin) - in slots, the button to start spinning reels is used. (2) In roulette, one round of play.

Withdrawal time - the period of time it takes to transfer money from the casino to the player's bank account. The period of time between the withdrawal of money from the casino and the receipt of money on the player's account.

Retractable symbol is a slot function in which a symbol that is near the payline will move up or down which results in a payout. For example, as in the KOI game.

Wager, wager (Wager) - the value of the bets made by the player, after reaching which, it becomes possible to withdraw the winnings obtained as a result of the bonus. This value is usually calculated according to the following formula - wager = 5 * (bonus + deposit).


RNG - a device that selects pseudo-random numbers. Not truly random, since the sequence can be duplicated, hence “pseudo.”


Deploy - make a deposit (that is, make a your game account a certain amount)

Deposit - transfer of money to the player's online account to play in the online casino.

Jackpot – максимальный выигрыш, который можно получить на конкретном слоте.

Wild symbols (Wild) - symbols that replace other symbols of the machine, except for special ones. Thanks to wild symbols, you can get a bigger win, which, naturally, is pleasant to the players.

Dealer (Dealer) - a gambling site employee who plays on the side of the casino against the gambler. In online casinos, the dealer takes part only in Live ("live") entertainment.

Variance is the mathematical deviation from the calculated mathematical expectation of a particular event (in slots - from the declared theoretical RTP) In other words, the word "variance" means "dispersion", that is, the variance characterizes the "dispersion" of the values ​​of a random variable around its mathematical expectation.

Dispatch game - slot with high variance

Docks - a list of documents required to verify the account owner


Live game — онлайн-игра в казино, управляемая дилером по потоку видео. Игра с дилером в казино. Игра в покер с дилером или же в рулетку.


Tinting - losing

Smear (Putty) - loss of composure during the game or loss of self-control. In most cases, this condition leads to a loss, while the vast majority of large drifts are made in it. The closest word in meaning is Tilt, used mainly in poker

Skidding is a big jackpot in a gambling game, usually "at a time" within one game.

Zero (zero) - number 0. Not the same as 00 in American roulette, although they are the only green numbers.


Казино (casino) - an institution offering gambling.

Cashier (Cashier) - a section of an online casino through which deposits and withdrawals are made funds, editing a user profile, viewing the history of games (where, how much and in what amount the bet was made), cashing comp-points, activating bonuses, etc.

Roll – играть (в основном применяется к игровым автоматам)

Whale is the term used to refer to the big casino players, both from a traditional casino and online casino point of view. If you are a whale, you bet big, play big, and hopefully win a lot too.

Combination - a set of symbols on the paylines, leading to a certain type of winnings.

Credit - in slot machines, the base unit of the bet. Many slot machines allow the player to choose the cost of the loan, but not to set it.

Cash-out (Cash-out, Withdrawal) - withdrawal of funds from his account by any method supported by the institution.


Payline - the line along which the slot symbols should be located to win. The number of lines can be completely different (from 1 to 20 and more).

Lobby (Lobby) - the main page of the site of the playground. Here you can make a first impression of the club, choose a gambling application, go to other pages of the gambling hall, etc.

Tinkering - spending time gambling

Лудоман  - gambler

Ludomania - another name for gambling addiction and addiction to gambling

Ludstream - live broadcast of a gambling game with or without commenting


Maximum payout - the highest paid amount available only by maximum rate. An incentive offered by the casino to reward big bets.

Max Bet (Bet Max) - this button on the slot machine gives the player the opportunity to bet the maximum number of coins. Playing at maximum stakes makes the game process more profitable, because playing in this mode you can break a big cash win ..

Maximum win - maximum win at one table (in a slot) || | 580

Мартингейл - a betting system in which the player makes the same bet after each win and doubles his bet after each loss. Let's say if you bet $ 5 and win, you bet $ 5 again. If you lose, you bet $ 10 next time. If you lose again, your next bet is $ 20. If you win, you bet your initial $ 5. Some players believe that the Martingale system works in the short term. However, statistics prove that this is not true.

Multiplayer slot is a slot machine where you can win a jackpot by playing at the maximum bet.

Multi-spin - the ability to start several spins in one game.


Bonus accumulation (Game Banking) is a designation of a slot where a player can accumulate bonus the amount. He must complete some task of the slot machine. After that, he gets access to the bonuses that have accumulated in his game bank. The bonus accumulation game was created for those who are ready to spend a lot of time at the slot machine. Bonuses are accumulated only as a result of a rather lengthy gaming session.

Non-withdrawable bonus - a bonus that cannot be cashed out from a player's account when the wagering requirements are complete.

Coin denominations - an opportunity select the number and denomination of coins for making a bet per round.


Overlay - a situation when a player has an advantage over a casino. The concept of Overlay is very closely related to the concept of a guaranteed prize fund. In cases where the tournament fees of players registered to the tournament are less than the guaranteed prize pool, it says "Tournament with an overlay"

One-Armed Bandit (One-Armed Bandit) - this word is outdated ... This is how slot machines used to be called. The old slots were a "hand" (lever) mechanism. To start the slot, players had to pull this lever.

Dodge (Excuse) - return the initial balance after a series of large or long losses, or break a big win

Отмыть бонус - wager the bonus, fulfill the wager conditions

Wager (wager) - fulfill the wager conditions. Usually, bonus funds cannot be withdrawn until full wagering. But some casinos allow you to wager the bonus not entirely, but in parts. This means that you can withdraw the amount won at a certain moment, and then proceed to wager the rest of the bonus or wait for it to reset.


Permanent - permanent blocking on the form

Buns - gifts, bonuses and prizes (in general - freebies) from online casinos.

Casino rules — правила, установленные и осуществляемые казино.

Player Advantage - The player who legally uses an excellent understanding of the game. Thus (or) gains a mathematical advantage over the opponent.

House edge (House Edge) is a number that indicates how much the casino wins against the player in any case. For example, if a slot machine has a 5% casino edge, it means that the casino receives at least 5 cents from each dollar. round based on various criteria. Examples include Martingale and D'Alembert systems.

Прогрессивные ставки — система изменения размера ставки игрока от раунда к раунду на основе различных критериев. Примеры включают системы Мартингейла и Д’Аламберта.

Breakout - Play a round on the slot after winning, doubling the amount. To do this, you need to guess the color or suit of the card. Sometimes a round consists of several stages, at each of which you can double the amount. Usually you can refuse a round, but in some games this is not possible, so playing one round is a must.

Progressive Jackpot (Progressive Jackpot) - all slots are connected to each other and accumulations are deposited from each bet to form a progressive jackpot. Due to the fact that jackpots are rarely won, sometimes they reach simply incredible sizes. The progressive jackpot can be won only at maximum stakes.

Return percentage (Payback) - the term denotes the number that the slot machine will return to the player in any case during the game. For example, if the machine promises a 95% return, it means that 95 cents will be returned to the player from each dollar, but only over a very long distance (gaming session).

Payout percentage - long-term percentage of the money played on the slot machine that can be paid out to the player ... All bets placed on these games take into account the wagering requirements, but they can contribute different percentages depending on the type of game.


Разрешенные игры — игры, в которых разрешено играть на бонусные деньги. Все ставки, сделанные в этих играх, учитывают требования к ставкам, но они могут вносить разные проценты в зависимости от типа игры.

Registration (Registration, Sign up) - visitor identification, in which visitors leave their personal data (full name, email address, etc.) in a special form.

Re-spin - this function of the slot machine starts the rotation of only one reel in slot, while the others remain stationary. It is used if only one required symbol is missing before the winning combination.


Linked Jackpot - Jackpot, which is created from bets on several machines (slots) and can be won by any player on these machines (slots). (Multiplayer jackpot)

Session - period of a certain game

Symbol - images on reels (or on video display, computer) slot machines used to determine whether a player wins or loses.

Scatter Symbols (Scatter) - symbols that make up a paid combination regardless of where on the game screen they are located. That is, for the combination to be paid, it is not necessary for the symbols to line up on the same payline.

Draining - a complete loss of all money by a certain moment (for example, losing three deposits). || | 697

Слот на отдаче  - the state of the slot when it is in positive mathematical expectation, that is, it often gives out winnings.

Slots with bonus games — игровой автомат с множеством функций бонусные игры, фри спины и т.д

Spin  - starting the spin of the reels in the slot machine.

Strategy of the game - the rules the player follows to maximize their chances of winning.

Software (Software) - software, with which you can play in a virtual gambling establishment. There are several of the world's largest software vendors whose software is the guarantor of the honesty and reliability of many online casinos.


Paytable - a schedule describing payments for all winning combinations.

Tilt (on tilt) is a poker term. A player who loses control of his emotions (usually after a loss) becomes aggressive towards other players, betting, as they say, “on tilt.”


Multiplication | || 732 — функция, которая в два-десять и более раз превышает нормальную выплату.


Fanciers - conditional virtual currency used for bets when playing in free mode.

Flash - software that allows you to play directly in the browser you are using, without having to download the casino software to your computer. Outdated technology, modern slot machines are made not on flash, but on HTML5 technology

Free spins - free spins, которые запускаются при выпадении определенной комбинации.


Freebie (Comp) - the word is used to denote a promotion from the casino, which is offered to customers for playing into slots of a certain duration. In a real establishment, these can be tickets to shows or coupons for free cocktails. Online casinos can offer players no deposit bonus or free spins for registration.

High roller (higroller) - also known as Casino Kit. A player who bets large amounts of money and plays high table limits. A player who plays high.


Blacklist - after being blacklisted in an online casino, the player will no longer be able to play in it .

Bonus (Bonus) - money provided to the player for free on the specified conditions.

Bonus Hunter - a person interested only in bonuses and visiting online casinos solely for their sake. After fulfilling the conditions of the bonus, he withdraws the money. The casino administration does not like and persecutes such people in every possible way, so it is better not to advertise your affiliation with bonus hunters.


Deposit - money transfer to the casino account. He is also Cash-in.

Download (Download, download) - designation of one of the type of game programs. In this case, we are talking about downloadable programs. Before starting the game, you need to download the program and install it on your computer.


eCOGRA - short for e-Commerce Online Gambling Regulation and Assurance, a not-for-profit organization created to protect players and uphold standards in the online gambling industry, with a focus on fairness and responsibility. The eCOGRA Approved mark is only given to casinos that have a proven track record of adhering to fair, honest and reliable operating standards. 


GGR (gross gaming revenue) - net game income


Random - randomness. This term most accurately characterizes the algorithm for winning combinations in any game of chance (see Adaptive Mathematics).

Rebet - automatic setting of a new bet for the amount similar to the previous one.

Respin - re-spin (spin). In the functionality of some games, a bonus is provided in the form of repeated spins (one or more) for meeting certain conditions. Sometimes, thanks to the respin, a winning combination appears on the reels.

- restart. Some games re-give the same amount of free spins in the event that repeated scatter drops are recorded on the reels.

Rigged - cheating, rigged action. In the case of online casinos, this term implies dishonest operation of a random number generator (for example, issuing pre-prepared combinations).

Return to Player - part of payments from bets as a percentage, returned to players under certain conditions (usually the conditions consist of a return schedule and a percentage). The indicator ranges from 96% to 98%. But this is only in theory, but in fact they are only informative in nature, as evidenced by the good recoil of machines with a low RTP and poor recoil at a high RTP.

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