Слишком много игр в казино, половина из них простаивают

Казалось бы, что чем больше игр, тем лучше. Однако для казино все не так однозначно. Исполнительный директор Gamingtec, Сапар Карягдыев, рассказал CasinoBeats какие сложности возникают из-за огромного количества игр и нескончаемого потока нового контента.

According to him, about half of the games that are available on the casino site are idle. They are not played at all. And this problem is not so much that these games are not interesting, but that the players simply do not know about their existence. In their lobbies, casinos simply cannot accommodate all the thousands of slots they have. And even dividing them into categories does not help present the entire collection to the players.

Sapar Karyagdyev noted that one of the solutions would be to use the experience of large companies such as Amazon, Netflix and Spotify. They have already passed this stage and solved the problem by using artificial intelligence, which selects the most suitable recommendations for users from a huge variety. Read below the translation of a part of Sapar's article.

“Ten years ago, providers such as NetEnt and Evolution Gaming dominated the gaming content space; having them on your product list was more than enough when it came to building a decent business.

Now it turns out that we are facing a completely new perspective. Instead of working with four or six developers, platform providers like us are forced to work with over 50 content providers. This means more workload for the IT team and, in general, an increase in maintenance costs in terms of time and costs.

Content overload is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, this allows operators to reduce their heavy reliance on a small number of suppliers. Higher competition has also led to lower royalties, resulting in higher profits for operators.

On the other hand, there is another challenge for casino operators. Platform providers offer over 5,000 games and the list grows every day. The sheer number of games available makes it impossible to effectively show them to users.

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On average, players use less than 50% of the game content as they prefer to play games they are familiar with. This means that from a commercial point of view, adding each new game is gradually becoming less and less justified.

The challenge for operators is now not in providing the best content, but in how to effectively put their portfolio out to the players. E-commerce companies such as Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify have already faced overwhelming challenges and managed to cope with them by leveraging customer behavioral data and artificial intelligence.

Personalized recommendations for Netflix users, for example, are based on what during registration the subscribers indicated as liked, what they watched and what they liked or what they did not like on the service, etc. For users, best recommendation is a more appropriate method than categorizing content according to genre, because it allows the platform to recommend high quality content that they think the consumer will want to watch based on past preferences.

Us we need to learn from such leading companies and bring a similar level of sophisticated contribution to our industry. We need to learn how to better deliver the right content at the right time. Game recommendations should be based on predictive and artificial intelligence analysis.

Sometimes you may want to directly ask a client what he or she considers a deficiency that needs improvement. Such surveys can be helpful in solving certain types of problems, including those related to user experience. However, when it comes to choosing new content, customers are often in doubt about what they would like and what new options they would like.

Therefore, we faced significant difficulty; we need an artificial intelligence algorithm that finds a way to offer the end user the kind of content he or she likes.

The goal in promoting games to the user is to find a balance between creating minimalist designs and motivating them to try new games and seek new experiences. It is highly unlikely that there is one solution to the problem of oversupply of content, but what is clear is that increasing the number of games alone is not enough. This process should be accompanied by improvements in how these games are presented to the player. ”

Source: https://casinobeats.com/2020/10/14/double-edged-sword-finding-the-balance- between-new-content-and-efficiency /

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