Как изменялся процент комиссионной модели RevShare у партнерской программы Poshfriends

Возможно многим будет интересно вспомнить (а некоторым узнать), как изменялся процент у партнерской программы Poshfriends, как они это обосновывали, и что каждый раз обещали. Я работаю с партнеркой Poshfriends с июля 2015 года, не с истоков, но кое что застал:


First update of the RevShare model income calculation. PoshFriends has introduced a more objective model for calculating affiliate payments. Now negative balances will not be limited: the affiliate program will, as before, compensate them in full ... But the most important thing! Partners are promised a percentage of RevShare from 40 to 60%. News about this on the affiliate website:

In addition, a special "Commissions" page has appeared on the PoshFriends affiliate program website (screen from the web archive):

"This is the best long term solution as it guarantees regular income during the whole lifetime value of the brought players. " - This is the best long-term solution as it guarantees constant income throughout the life cycle attracted players.

January 2017

But something went wrong ... and from January 2017 RevShare changes in commissions. Now partners receive from 25 to 45%. BUT, there is an important clarification! Poshfriends stated that this will only apply to new players who register from 01 January 2017.

Ie. the changes did not affect the players brought before December 31, 2016. Partners continued to receive commissions for them under the previous program, from 40 to 60%. Those. old players were considered in the old way, and new players were considered in a new way. So far, all guarantees are being fulfilled, it seems like.

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What caused the change in the revshara system? ( screenshot from web archive):

Цитата: Изменения связаны с выросшими стандартами качества наших проектов и нашей ориентацией на западный и азиатский рынки, где обычные комиссионные планы выглядят именно так.

C января 2017 года страница комиссий выглядит так (скрин из вебархива):

December 1, 2020

New Revshara system. Now partners will receive from 15 to 35%. Everything. Period.

Maybe the players registered up to this point will remain on the old revshar? After all, there was a guaranteed income of up to 60% for players registered before December 2016. But what about a guarantee of up to 45% income for players who registered from 01/01/2017?

No! Now everyone will receive from 15 to 35%.

Maybe there will be some explanations? What is the reason for this? - No

The commissions page now looks like this:

Summing up the results

In 2015, the affiliate program even for one new player guaranteed a minimum 40% throughout the entire life cycle (and for 41+ new players it guaranteed 60%)

Since January 2017 - guaranteed from 25 to 45%

Since December 2020 - partners will not receive 40% even if they bring 100 ++ players. The minimum percentage is 15%, and for 100+ players, affiliates receive only 35%, the poshfriends affiliate program guarantees this as well.

Guaranteed and will be guarantee "constant income throughout the entire life cycle of attracted players" ... but that's not certain.

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