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Posted 09 December at 12:03 AM

the most finished casino built on software, that is, the campaigner tried to register several accounts, the result one only registered everything ok and bonuses and we will fall and then all the vadish 100 times shorter shit

Vavada Posted on December 09 at 06:58

Hello vladimir.konkin! We draw your attention to the fact that in a casino you can both catch a big win and lose money, when and what the outcome of the game will be - no one knows. We cooperate with licensed game producers, where the percentage of return corresponds to the declared one (on average, our RTP is 95-97%), we also ask you to note that the casino cannot influence the outcome of the game in any way. There will be a loss or a win - solely by chance.
And one more thing: there are no "happy" or "unlucky" accounts, creating duplicates is a gross violation of casino rules, upon detection of which your accounts will be blocked.
Please abide by the terms and conditions of the casino, and play responsibly, keeping in mind that casinos are not a way to make money, so you should not gamble on something that you are not ready to lose.

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