Review by Nesh Player about 1xSlots Casino

Posted December 15 at 08:26 AM

At first glance, an ordinary casino ...

Throwing money! There was a deposit of 5 tr, it was withdrawn from the card, it was not credited to the casino account. They did not return to the map either. There is a receipt for debiting from the card, I gave it to them! In support, they have been feeding for 2 days that their specialist is dealing with this issue ... In general, do not play there, the casino is on the black list !!! Found out too late!

1xSlots Posted on December 17 at 09:32

Good afternoon.

Can you specify the account number for scammers, please? As far as I know, payment issues are not a matter of 5 minutes, at least 7 banking days for cards.
And one more thing, is your blacklist personal or is it public?

1xSlots team

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