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Все ребят, наконец-то вопрос по поводу Novomatic-а в таких казино как JoyCasino and Casino-X which is loaded from servers can be closed. The software is not licensed there. There was a lot of controversy, guesswork, thoughts and other things, but finally something worthy appeared that can be called "proofs" or proofs. But first things first.

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Previously, this software was still available in all brands of the PlayAttack affiliate program, but in November 2018 they decided to abandon it. I asked why, but I never got a definite answer. The manager says he doesn't know: "This is the inner kitchen of the brands, which we are not privy to." In any case, they did the right thing. Another would have revised their rules, there would have been norms ...

As it turned out, the information lay on the surface, under everyone's nose. I will try to show and tell everything in detail, so that you yourself can be convinced of everything and repeat everything on your computer.

We load any game under the Novomatic filter in JoyCasino and Casino-X casinos, in free mode or playing for real money , never mind. Right-click on the area of ​​the slot machine and select the item "View code"

Find in the code the line with the URL of the server from which the game is loaded. To play Lucky Lady's Charm in JoyCasino, this address is: https: // 628654931-650236901-0729298252-2eaf5770-2226-46ce-bf0e-a1c77997c14a

If we go to this address, we won't see anything special there (and we don't need it). We remove from the browser line all characters after the site address (to see what is on the main domain of this server). Leaving only https: // - go to this address. The most interesting part will be coming soon:

Already: it doesn't really look like a server of such a serious company as Greentube-Novomatic, and there is no mention of it. Well, okay, click on the green "Games" button.

Watch the list of games, each game has its own ID, its own Cms Hash and its own RTP value (return percentage). Ok, let's find with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F our loaded game Lucky Lady’s Charm. You can find another, whatever, even Book of Ra, it doesn't matter:

Notice? The slot machine Lucky Lady's Charm has 5 options for the percentage of return (RTP): 88.28%, 90.29%, 92.19%, 94.24% and 96.18%.

On this topic
How to open a casino yourself and how much will it cost?

This information was discovered by the first user @trace and published in the blog https: //

And this applies not only to the Lucky Lady's Charm slot machine - every slot machine located on this server has several options percentage of return RTP. Of course, there can be no question that this is licensed software.

What kind of license is this, which, depending on some conditions, has the ability to change the slot output. Someone plays with a return rate of 88.28%, and someone with a return rate of 96.18%. With this arrangement, the game term "giving a gaming machine" is quite appropriate

In original Novomatic, as in any other licensed software - RTP has a fixed value, not a range of these values.

But besides that, there were also many other "calls" that I and many other experienced affiliates and online casino players made. It was because of these suspicious moments that there was a constant desire to understand the situation. Of course, none of them proved anything, but each of them is worth mentioning:

1. First, the very post of the Poshfriends affiliate program, in which they claim that the software is original: http: // — Why is this post displayed for Russian users? Why, if you change the language to English or any other, this post disappears, it simply does not exist. Affiliates of other countries simply do not know about this software.

2. Why all slot machines and the logo in the footer of the casino website are displayed only for users from the CIS countries. If you change the IP of the country and go under any European country - no hints about the existence of Novomatic slot machines.

3. Ok, it happens that gaming software may be available in some countries, but not available in others. But why, then, there is not a single word about this in the rules of the casino, as is done, for example, in Casino Energy with | || 727 оригинальным Новоматиком:

You can see for yourself, not a word about Novomatic slot machines in the rules of JoyCasino and Casino-X casinos.

4. Why are there so few Novomatic slots? For comparison: in Joycasino I counted 51 games from Novomatic, in Energy casino there are 154 (!) Pieces. Those. if a new product from the Netent provider comes out, it immediately appears on the website of the JoyCasino and Casino-X casinos, but if a new slot machine from Novomatic comes out, it will appear either in a year or will not appear at all.

5 ... The affiliate program was reproached for the fact that the slots differ from the original ones, the arrangement of buttons, icons, colors, etc., to which we received the answer: to a new version of the client (HTML5), if he does not want their players to fall off due to browser errors. And this client will look the way it looks now. ”

But it's been 2 years now - and the games are all exactly different.

6. Information from the Poshfriends affiliate program:

“The project management went to meetings with Novomatic for a whole year and received them in our office. We discussed the details of the deal, knowing full well that we would be the first and most likely the only operator in the CIS to have original content from Novomatic. ”

A serious deal, available only to serious brands like yours. Novomatic has become available only for you, and most likely it will remain so, no one else has such authority as the brands JoyCasino and Casino-X.

But 2 years have passed - and these slot machines are available at casinos such as redboxcasino with the cheapest license in Curacao, the originality of which cannot be verified even through the validator (I had to write to Netent - they confirmed that the casino has a license)

How we see, in this casino, the same "kind of Novomatic" is loaded from the same server https: //

Official slot machines from the developer Greentube Novomatic are loaded from * .greentube servers. com. The subdomain may differ.


And yes, it is for the casinos with Novomatic from that software has been added to the reviews, which is called Novomatic ( Casinos with this software have an additional reduction factor when calculating the rating. Plus, I'll soon add some warning information to the reviews so that newbies don't think this is a normal Novomatic.

P.s. casinos with unlicensed Igrosoft also got their own reduction factor. The rating has already been recalculated, everything has already been received.

P.p.s All these questions and others I will ask the managers and representatives of the Poshfriends affiliate program, they promised to answer. To be continued ...

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