Новые казино онлайн 2020 года

Even though There are already a lot of gambling operators on the Internet, new casinos appear regularly. These can be modest, unassuming or bright, ambitious projects. Below is a list of all the newest online operators for 2020. Users can click on the detailed review link or the reviews to get detailed information about any of the newcomers.

Sorted by age. If you need the newest establishments, then choose the ones that are in the top positions. The lower, the more mature the project. The main difference between all young establishments is that there is still little information about them and it is difficult to say how clearly and fairly they will work. Therefore, this is an additional risk for the players. Read more

How to find a new casino?

Besides this page, we have a separate casino rating, где доступен не просто список заведений, но и дополнительные фильтры, чтобы подобрать наиболее подходящий вариант. Справа над списком будет выбор сортировки, где по умолчанию стоит «С высоким рейтингом». Меняете его на «Новые». Затем в правом меню можете задавать нужные вам характеристики. Можете указать страну, программное обеспечение, лицензии, методы депозита, валюты, языки. В результате у вас должен остаться список с новыми казино, которые действительно подходят вам.

The country is determined automatically, and only options suitable for your region remain. But you can change the country, or remove the filter by country altogether. Then the full list will come out.

How risky is it to play in new establishments? Everything will depend on specific cases, since even between the newest online casinos there is a difference in reliability indicators. Even if you do not have reviews at your disposal, which often happens in cases with young projects, you can roughly understand where it is safer and more dangerous to play.

For example, many new gambling brands are backed by companies that already have working casino. They will be older, and accordingly, you will be able to find out the opinion of the players about them. Based on this, it will be possible to draw conclusions about the potential of their new project. After all, one and the same company will follow the same principles.

Facility license

You should also pay attention to the license. Different jurisdictions have their own reputation and requirements. The least strict is Curacao. Most of the new online casinos focused on the Russian market purchase this very license. And although the government has promised to bring control over online casinos to a high level, so far no changes are noticeable.

One of the significant problems is that the Curacao casinos do not have a dispute resolution procedure through an official, independent service. Players can only rely on resources like Hokykasino, where there are casino representatives.

If a new casino is licensed in Malta, or even better in the UK, then you can be more confident that the operator will last a long time and work more correctly. The fact is that they are under much more control. For violations of operators, licenses can indeed be revoked, or sometimes multimillion-dollar fines are imposed.

However, in the list of new casinos, with a focus on the Russian audience, you are unlikely to find those that are licensed in Malta. And the UK is beyond reality. However, some initially Russian projects are slowly moving to Malta, which may have begun to expand internationally.

Terms and Conditions

This is an important point, although it does not always directly show the operator's reliability. But it's worth looking into the terms and conditions. There you can learn a lot of interesting things. For example, some unattractive moments, such as commission for conclusions, refusal to report changes in terms and conditions. Or, in general, unfair rules, such as writing off all winnings for insufficient deposit turnover when requesting a withdrawal.

While the casinos in the UK and Malta are limited in what they can fit into their rules, Curazo allows a lot. Therefore, new casinos in this jurisdiction can present unpleasant surprises. In fact, they can write that they are not obliged to pay you money, and you will subscribe to it.

How to choose a new online casino?

Reliability is the most important thing. And if you have determined that the institution can be trusted, then check it for convenience and the availability of the necessary games and bonuses. Convenience lies primarily in the availability of the Russian language, Russian-language support, as well as suitable payment methods and account currencies.

Responsible Gaming

If you have problems controlling the game, then it is advisable to choose a casino which has the tools of responsible gaming. It is more than just self-exclusion for a period. It is desirable that limits on deposits, losses and bets are also offered. This way you will not be able to spend more than you would normally be willing to spend. Most new casinos licensed in Curacao will not offer all of these tools. But maybe someone will suggest at least some of them.

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These players also benefit from the function hold of withdrawal. This is when the money put for withdrawal is blocked and cannot be used in the game. Often gamblers break down and spend the money they wanted to withdraw, and then regret it. This feature will prevent this scenario.

Terms and Conditions

There may also be terms and conditions that you might not want to put up with. For example, withdrawals only on weekdays, the ability to get personal withdrawal limits and the so-called "withdrawal schedule". This is something that players sometimes complain about, but these conditions are spelled out in the rules. Therefore, do not make such a mistake with a new online casino, and first check if they have similar conditions.

Pay special attention to the conclusions section. This is where the rules may come as a surprise to the players.

Games Available

There are a lot of developers now, and solid sites can have a huge number of vendors. Younger operators may not have as much variety. But they usually add developers over time and eventually reach modern standards. Newer casinos may have a noticeably smaller collection. Check for important games or vendors. Sometimes they don't even have some of the major providers like NetEnt.

Bonuses at new casinos

Newly opened operators can have attractive bonuses. Bezdepa or high-interest deposit stocks. However, the attractiveness must be judged on the basis of the wagering requirements. The wager can be overpriced to compensate for the generosity. Moreover, pay attention to which games can be played with an active bonus and how much they give a percentage to wagering, as well as the wagering time.

How to play in new online casinos?

You need to start carefully ... Especially if the owner of the operator is an unknown company, and there are practically no player reviews. You can register if the institution suits you in all respects. However, do not make a large deposit right away. You are, in fact, one of the early adopters and may run into problems. These can be both fairly harmless problems with games, login, etc., or serious, like groundless refusals of payments. Therefore, it will be safer to replenish the account with small amounts.

Otherwise, casinos usually do not differ much from each other, whether they are old or new. As a rule, only the design of the site changes, and very young operators may have fewer games, fewer payment methods. And so everything is as usual. Registration, account replenishment, receiving bonuses, withdrawals.

Avoid scammers

There are many gambling operators that work without a license. This is unacceptable, since besides the lack of a license, they also have fake games. And this means that you either won’t win anything, since the games can be played with different returns, or you simply won’t withdraw the money.

Therefore, be sure to find out how to check the online casino license to know which sites are not worth considering. Licensed operators can also cheat with conclusions. That is why player feedback is so important. And in the case of new casinos, their absence is an additional risk. Collapse

List of new online casinos

# # Online casinos hokyKasino рейтинг Welcome Bonus 
8.30 192 reviews 100% up to 60,000 EUR / USD Welcome Bonus Review Play
1 7.00 0 reviews 100% on deposit Welcome Bonus Review Play
2 6.74 4 reviews 100% up to 20,000 EUR / USD Welcome Bonus Обзор Play
3 7.05 10 reviews 100% up to RUB 27,000 Welcome Bonus Review Play
4 7.63 | || 578 3 отзыва 100% up to € 300 Welcome Bonus Review Play
5 6.19 5 reviews 100% up to EUR 100 Welcome Bonus Review Play
6 8.95 6 reviews 100% up to RUB 10,000 Welcome bonus Review Play
7 8.00 | || 671 22 отзыва 150% up to € 2000 Welcome Bonus Review Play
8 8.24 17 reviews 100% up $ 500 Welcome Bonus Review Play
9 7.88 20 reviews up to $ 1500 + 150 FS Welcome Bonus Обзор Play
10 6.97 4 reviews 100% up to 35000 EUR / USD Welcome Bonus Review Play
11 8.06 4 reviews 200% up to € 50 Welcome Bonus Review Play
12 7.76 2 reviews 100% up to 15000 EUR / USD Welcome Bonus | || 832 Обзор Play
13 6.86 0 reviews 100% up to 35000 EUR / USD Welcome Bonus Review Play
14 8.30 192 reviews | || 889 100% до 60 000 EUR/USD Welcome Bonus Review Play
15 7.97 4 reviews 100% up to 35,000 rubles . Welcome Bonus Review Play
16 8.18 4 reviews 100% up to RUB 35,000 Welcome bonus Обзор Play
17 6.86 | || 981 0 отзывов 100% up to 35000 EUR / USD Welcome Bonus Review Play
18 8.55 49 reviews 200% up to 20,000 EUR / USD Welcome Bonus Review Play
19 8.13 20 reviews 150% up to € 60 Приветственный бонус Review Play
20 7.66 1 review 100% up to 7000 EUR / USD Welcome Bonus Review Play

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