NetEnt готовит Roulette MAX: 4 колеса, выплаты до 5,000х

On December 1, NetEnt launches a new live roulette, Roulette MAX. This will be a new take on the classic game. The main difference is that not 1 wheel is used, but 4 at once: one main and three MAX wheels. The RTP of the game is 97.05%.

All four wheels will be used simultaneously, not like Instant Roulette from Evolution where there are only 12 wheels, but the game takes place on each of them separately. NetEnt seems to be trying to modernize their new roulette as much as possible. Neon lights in the studio, new types of roulette bets. Even a new concept of leading is promised.

New types of bets

Unlike other roulettes, Roulette MAX has several options for one type of bet. For example, there are four options for a clean number: the same clean number on one wheel, two, three or four at the same time. Since such a scenario is the least likely, the payout at this rate is maximum - 5,000x. There are also new types of bets:

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  • Combination bets - pay out when the same number appears on at least two wheels at the same time. Payouts from 28: 1 to 5,000: 1.
  • Spread bets - the player bets on the sum of numbers from all wheels. There are six options from 0-17 to 120-144. Payouts will be different, from 1: 2 to 299: 1.
  • MAX bet - pays out if any of the numbers is repeated on two or more wheels. Payouts from 4: 1 to 499: 1.
  • Column bets - you need to hit at least two numbers from this column on the wheels. Odds up to 11: 1.
  • Color bets - bets on black / red, pay out if three or four balls hit the same color. Odds up to 3: 1.

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