Как Parimatch уже более года не выводят деньги игроку. Бесконечная верификация

You have never seen such a bullying on a player ... A story that deserves a separate post.

Unfortunately it so happened that July 27, 2020 !!! Ales Brumen was lucky to hit the Divine Fortune jackpot at PariMatch casino quite quickly with a deposit of 4000 euros (at the time of winning the jackpot, it had already been verified and there were already withdrawals from the casino) Before that, he had even won another jackpot and withdrawn it. Incredible luck, but it was not there.

A small part of the jackpot started to be paid at daily limits, but then they stopped. Aug 7. 2020 withdrawal is disabled for the player. Now he cannot make a withdrawal request.

He wrote them more than 40 letters so that they could somehow explain the payment situation to him, they told him about checks of "gaming activity", about technical difficulties and postponed the decision , then for 72 hours, then for 14 days several times.

16 Sept. 2020: Ales receives a letter that the check has passed successfully and he can withdraw the winnings. But in reality nothing has changed! The player was not able to make withdrawal requests.

Oct 8. 2020: Player e-mails for complaints from Curacao [email protected]

Oct 21 2020: Curacao Complaints Division replied! (surprisingly)

From Curacao, they write to the Parimatch casino admins to respond to the player's complaint.

October 30, 2020: Parimatch replies that from August 10, 2020 the player is being verified (i.e. That is, almost 3 months have already passed at that time) and therefore the withdrawal option is blocked for him. And this all happens according to the rules (clause 85), because the verification timeline is "configured individually" for each player.

November 3, 2020: Parimatch casino support asks the player the following questions:

  • Does the player (his friends, relatives) have experience in software development?
  • What was his motivation for making a bet at the time when he won the jackpot? And why didn’t he bet at other times?

November 5, 2020: Ales Brumen replies that he has no experience in software development. And he played jackpots at that time because he saw that he was big enough and therefore he wanted to try to win it. And so it happened. Attaches all requested scans of documents in this letter.

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|| | 386

9 ноября. Parimatch: Documents accepted. Expect

Jan 6 !!!! 2021. Problem not resolved. Complete ignore from casino.

15 Feb 21: Problem not resolved. Complete ignore from casinos (and from Curacao).

29 March 21: Problem not resolved. Complete ignore from the casino (and from Curacao).

1 April 21: There is a response from the Parimatch casino! Verification completed! You can withdraw money!

But in reality it is not so

Apr 22. 21g. Ales writes about this to the Curaçao Complaints Service: He still cannot make withdrawal requests.

May 1, 21 .: Parimatch wants to send: passport photo and selfie with passport. | || 411

В этот же день все документы отправлены. Parimatch: Спасибо за документы, ожидайте проверки.

May 7: Parimatch requires a passport photo in the best quality, at least 2000 * 3000px

On the same day everyone documents have been sent. Parimatch: Thanks for the documents, await review.

May 18: Problem not resolved. From the casino (and from Curacao) a complete ignore.

May 26: The player once again reminds him in a letter that the problem has not been solved. From the casino (and from Curacao), a complete ignore.

Then the player scored, because he considered that he was "thrown" for money ...

But it was not there, this is not the story ends with

On one of the forums I saw a message about this situation and asked this player to write a complaint on my website, because their representative just came to me with an offer of cooperation.

October 20 2021: After six months of ignoring letters from the player (and more than a year since winning the jackpot), the complaint is written: https: //hokykasino.net/casino-complaints/withdrawal-issues/

Oct 21: A representative informs that the player was asked to send a selfie with a passport against the background of email correspondence with the support service in a higher quality. The player sends them a photo.

Oct 25: The casino support is not satisfied with the quality of the photo, they are not satisfied with the PNG photo format (they only accept JPG). They say that the passport itself is poorly readable, it needs to be clearer.

27th I ask the player Ales Brumen to duplicate all the photos sent to the support to my mail, if it's not difficult for him. He sends a new photo to support and me. In my subjective opinion, everything is clearly readable in the new photo (but I'm not an expert of the security service), but Parimatch doesn't like such a photo, they need "slightly better" lighting.

The player sends a selfie with a passport in his hands, in front of him is a laptop, in it is an email correspondence with the Parimatch support. And all this is on the street so that there are no complaints about the lighting.

9th November 21g .: The support of the Parimatch casino requires once again a passport photo (but no longer a selfie) Player sends.

November 13: We need more time to check your photo, please wait - casino representative writes.


На момент написания этого поста ( November 20, 2021), the casino support is not satisfied with a passport scan with a resolution of 1538 * 2048px (where everything is clearly visible, I personally saw this scan) - support wants the player to send a file with a resolution of more than 2000 * 3000px (the story is looped on May 7, 2021).

Follow the situation here: https: //hokykasino.net/ casino-complaints / withdrawal-issues /

I ask the player not to give up and not give up. It's been almost 1.5 years ...

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Discussion ( 4)

  1. 273588 Posted on November 21 at 06:35 am

    Well, let the representative explain the meaning of their "LICENSE". They don’t give away money, don’t give a damn about the license, and the slots are even more tweaked.

  2. yakov_tischenko || | 565 Опубликовано 20 ноября в 15:14

    Hi Afych .. This is fucking of the highest category - bitches and the supervisory authority should lay down its BODY on this situation .... Here is the answer for you gentlemen - no one is anything will not make scammers - and you can wipe a point with a face-to-face Kurasao (JAZZ, etc.) .... Afych and here's how to play Kaziks after that ..... I was taken out of the 3k depot in 3k (1.5 years ago). ... It's just wildly lucky - they took them out for 3 weeks ..... I poured another bucket (there were about 6kk on the account) ... It's just that the CIS players have nowhere to complain even ... This is chaos .... There is no control over the activities of the gaming resources in the network ....

  3. TIKHONIN Posted on 20 November 12: 01

    Dude, of course, handsome, very few people could not pour babos back in a year and a half. This is most likely what they expected

  4. TIKHONIN Posted on November 20 at 11: 56

    a year and a half to fuck the brain, what's in their head ... I wahue with such an attitude. like the office is not the smallest, it buys advertisements worth millions of millions, and the attitude is worse than script garbage dumps (I wanted to fuck facepalm here, but there are no emoticons)

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