Как казино FairSpin использует блокчейн и для чего?

По поводу FairSpin Casino. And then some affiliates and streamers began to call it the first casino on the blockchain, the most honest, with an honesty check, etc., but this is not entirely true. We need to clarify something to understand.

Smart contracts of fairspin casinos do not affect the RNG of slot providers, and therefore, slots spin in the same way as in any other casino. Through the blockchain, they only publish the results of the games. Post factum.

Ie. this is not a crypto casino. This is a casino with blockchain reporting! All game results are recorded in the blockchain (like in a notebook) and this data cannot then be overwritten or deleted in any way.

But you can (theoretically) make fake bets as if they were real and from fake players. And enter these rates into the blockchain. Including, to ascribe to any player any number of losses in a row, which he has not seen in his eyes. And to fake gamblers to ascribe the winnings, confirming the RTP in the reporting in this way.

And it doesn't matter that then this fake information cannot be changed, rewritten or erased. The fact that something gets into the blockchain does not become reliable!

The fact that they are using the blockchain does not give any guarantee of honesty. At least in regular slots. Conversation about increased honesty is a marketing ploy.

Crypto-casino is when the bets themselves, the game itself runs on the blockchain. Those. when the provider is blockchain.

Instead of a total. Reputation is still important, not your blockchains and licenses. And with the reputation of FairSpin, everything seems to be okay.


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