История Book of Ra и роль России в невероятном успехе слота

Book of Ra is an iconic slot machine that, despite its old age of 15, continues to attract crowds of players. G3 Newswire met with Greentube CEO Thomas Graf to discuss the history behind this unique slot and its impact on the slot industry. The interview was published in their February issue of the magazine.

Thomas believes that one of the main impetus for the switch to video slots instead of standard mechanical devices was the fall of the Iron Curtain in Eastern Europe. This provoked additional demand and pushed the main developers to switch to video slots. However, initially the players did not accept the new type of slot machine. It took them about two years to start trusting video slots. Therefore, the success of their iconic slots was not instantaneous.

I remember that every game we presented back then, and especially Book of Ra, took a long time to get the attention of the players. The market shift from mechanical to video slots was not an instant phenomenon.

Players were not familiar with high volatility games that offered the opportunity to win big through the free spins feature. They didn’t know what to do with these new features, just as initially they didn’t trust the first video slots like BeetleMania.

India - Home of Success

Book of Ra was launched in 2005 from this year and to 2009 it was the period when the Indian market opened and closed. At that time, Novomatic sold over 100,000 slot machines to Russia. Overall, the market reached 200,000 slot machines in a very short time.

Book of Ra had good sales, but it was not our top-selling slot in terms of initial orders. However, after the game began to gain popularity, it rose in the rankings due to repeat orders. We saw an increasing number of Book of Ra, followed by Dolphins Pearl and Lucky Lady’s Charm, especially favored by India players who were demanding high volatility. The slots offered by competitors at that time focused on the entertainment element, but Russian gamblers adored the gambling essence of Book of Ra and its special gaming features.

Book of Ra became one of the most important events in the history of Novomatic. as he earned recognition for the company in the CIS. And by the time India closed the market, the slot had gained popularity in Western Europe.

The Executive Director noted that at that time the slot mechanics were unique. Free spins were quite common, but expanding symbols had never been used before. Math has become a key success factor.

Book of Ra is an exceptional event

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When asked if he considers Book of Ra to be extremely rare, Thomas Graf said yes. This really can rarely be achieved, since a huge number of components are invested in the game, and there is no clear formula for success. He also noted that the industry's problem today is the short lifespan of games. Therefore, developers focus more on quantity than quality.

In the United States, the average life of a casino game is six months, which means that slot providers in the United States must sometimes develop up to 200 game concepts per year to keep up with demand. It takes a huge amount of resources, especially when a large percentage of the games created will only have a few weeks to recoup the costs.

There are only a handful of mechanics that are truly immortal and continue to generate the bulk of the operators' income. Everyone else is quickly disappearing.

Would Book of Ra be successful today?

When asked if the slot could stand out if it launched today, the CEO of Greentube said that it is online today casino novelties for several weeks get to the casino lobby where players can notice them. Then they are moved to a common heap, to the already existing 2,000 slots. And this is usually the end for the slot. When Book of Ra launched, there was still no such overload of games.

When Book of Ra was released, online gambling did not exist in its current form. In today's world, it is much more difficult to create something else that players will regard as innovation. There are examples of mega trends in game mechanics, such as book games, cascading mechanics, jackpots, Megaways, but there are a lot of them, and one of the main limitations is that each new game has weeks, not years, to show itself. And if it becomes successful, it will be mercilessly imitated, or it will have to become part of one or more mega trending mechanics.

Slot evolution and new versions

The slot played an important role in making them online business. After launching an online version in 2012, Book of Ra became instantly popular. The success was ensured by the recognition of the slot in land-based casinos. But the company did not stop there and the result was many versions of the famous game.

The company is free to use the brand, but this is an evolutionary, not revolutionary process, since the basis remains the same. Book slots with 3D symbols, jackpots and even roulette and bingo were created. The Greentube director noted that there is still room to develop this brand and there will be many more stages in the evolution of Book of Ra.

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