Есть ли в будущем место мелким разработчикам? Мнение экспертов

Representatives of small developers expressed two points of view about what the future holds for small studios. The opinion was divided. Someone thinks that there is a future for companies of all sizes and that you can successfully coexist with mega developers. Others believe that over time they will simply be driven out of the market.

Andrzej Hyla, Commercial Director of Wazdan, expressed a positive vision for the future. He believes small companies need courage and creativity. And then they can find a place for themselves even among the big developers.

Nobody knows what the future will be, which is why it is so exciting. Large companies can go into the shadows, smaller ones grow and take their place, and the cycle repeats. In a fast-paced industry like ours, there can be surprises lurking around every corner, which makes it so exciting.

Players are always on the lookout for the next big innovation or compelling feature, and the industry must change to adapt to their tastes ... This is where smaller companies have the edge, flexibility and agility allows them to change quickly and create content that constantly pushes the boundaries.

Peter Causley, CEO, Lightning Box, disagree. It touches upon the financial side of the issue and the difficult situation that is now emerging. Tightening regulation in some markets is driving developer profits down.

To compensate for this, major developers release more games and spend less on each. This increase in volume and budget cuts for each game results in games being depreciated and generating less revenue. As a result, small studios have to close down or sell their business, as they can no longer earn money in this scenario.

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Of course, things are not as depressingly inevitable as they might seem. At least it shouldn't be that way. Operators can prevent ISVs from losing originality and creativity by accepting the minimum wager for slots and resisting the race to the bottom. want. It takes courageous people to make tough decisions. It all depends on how much longer-term solvency is more important than short-term profit.

Это поможет сохранить яркость нашей индустрии в будущем и поддерживать разнообразие игр, которое, по их словам, они все хотят. Для принятия тяжелых решений нужны смелые люди. Все зависит от того, насколько состоятельность в долгосрочном плане важнее, чем краткосрочная прибыль.

Source: https://casinobeats.com/2021/01/13/surviving-as-a-smaller-studio-amid -industry-consolidation /

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