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Игорный бизнес довольно жестко и в нем процент успешных игроков (имеются ввиду те, кто открыл казино) невелик. Можно сказать, что больше 90% от общего количества начинающих здесь терпят неудачу и это будет правдой. На этой странице представлен список закрытых казино, причины у всех свои, но результат один – играть в них вы больше не сможете.

Why are casinos being closed? All the reasons for this sad phenomenon can be divided into several groups. In this business, not everything depends on the casino itself, sometimes, despite all efforts to gain a foothold in the gambling sector, it fails and a promising casino is closed. -or one country. Most often, they have few ways to replenish an account, everything is "sharpened" for local payment systems. These are small casinos, they do not try to enter the international market adequately assessing their inability to compete with world famous brands.

Это касается в первую очередь небольших казино, для которых основную часть прибыли формируют игроки из какой-либо одной страны. В них чаще всего мало способов пополнения счета, все «заточено» под локальные платежные системы. Это небольшие казино, на международный рынок они не пытаются выходить адекватно оценивая свою неспособность конкурировать со всемирно известными брендами.

If legislation changes in this country, this puts an end to the future work of the casino. Formally, they still have the opportunity to enter the international market, retrain for another region. But that's just theory.

In practice, no one survives such a blow. The costs are too high compared to the risks, it is very difficult to gain a foothold in a new market from scratch.

The machinations of competitors

There is only one rule - there are no rules. All means are good in the fight for market share and there is no guarantee that competitors will be honorable in relation to other casinos. Absolutely all means are used:

  • black PR - negative reviews and thousands of reviews are ordered. Naturally, in such reviews "players" speak negatively about the casino. They say that it is impossible to withdraw money, that it is impossible to win. In general, they do everything so that other players bypass this casino by the tenth way;
  • poaching admins. Another common technique, if a competitor seems promising, you can try to outbid the administrator and he will engage in sabotage at his place of work;
  • DDOS attacks on the casino site. If this repeats itself regularly, players will prefer to simply choose another casino instead of waiting to play.

This is not a complete list of possible actions from competitors.

Weak staff || | 446

Если техподдержка работает «на отцепись», администрация творит, что хочет, игроки вряд ли захотят играть в таком казино. Выбор огромный, нет смысла нести деньги тем, кто даже элементарную работу поддержки наладить не может.

Note that modern casinos do not suffer from such a disease. Even for beginners, admins rarely allow themselves anything beyond their authority. Sometimes there are questions about technical support, but in general, if the casino has a high rating, then you don't have to worry about the support work.

Weak advertising campaign

When a new casino enters the market, then he needs to solve 2 problems:

  • attract new players;
  • prove that he has no problems with reliability.

To attract new players, various kinds are most often used promotions, bonuses and tournaments. Players willingly take advantage of such offers, so the cooperation turns out to be mutually beneficial.

If the casino does not care about this issue, then the chances of survival are reduced. Remember, even the best product needs advertising, the likelihood of selling something increases if you conduct a competent advertising campaign. This rule works in absolutely all spheres of a person's life.

Too big win

New casinos are limited in funds and if a player suddenly wins a large sum, he will be paid money, but the remainder the accounts may not be enough for payments to other players. However, this rarely happens.

The authors of the casino calculate such options, so the probability of winning the jackpot in a young casino is vanishingly small. Everything is calculated and such a win is unlikely.

Casino scammers

This casino category cannot exist for a long time. Initially, the stake is made on the fact that in a short time "cut some money" and go to spend honestly earned after the change in the trend.

Among the most common methods of deception, one can single out:

  • fake licenses of regulators; | || 479
  • поддельное ПО для игры;
  • reduced chance of winning in the game;
  • refusal to pay out funds under far-fetched pretexts;
  • constant calls for the purpose convince the player to continue playing and replenish the account again.

So constantly monitor the blacklists of online casinos and do not contact suspicious companies.


If the casino closed, and there is money left in the account, the player gets a big problem. In theory, of course, you should be paid every cent, but in practice this often does not happen. The casino simply disappears and you are left with nothing.

You can try to contact the regulator if the casino license is genuine. In theory, it can even help you. But most often such situations end with the loss of clients' money.

Therefore, our advice to you is to pay attention to casinos with a reputation and a good rating. So you will 99.99% secure yourself against the fact that one day the casino will close, and you will be left with nothing.

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