Что такое фриспины в онлайн казино и как их получить?

When it comes to online casinos, such a thing as free spins is very common. Due to them, both operators and players try to make money. In this article, we will consider what free spins are at a casino, how to get them and how they benefit players.

что такое фриспины

Free spins as a casino bonus, what are they and how to get them?

They are also called free spins, free spins, bonus spins. This term means that the player is given the opportunity to spin the reels for free. Translated from English, the word means free (free) and spins (spins).

Usually, when it comes to free spins, it is either casino bonus , or about bonus round in the slot machine. If a casino bonus is meant, it means that the player gets a chance to spin the reels for free a certain number of times.

For example, an offer from a casino might look like this: 10 free spins on the slot Berry Burst from NetEnt. The offer must also indicate the cost of each spin. Let's say it's 10 cents. This means that the player will spin the reels 10 times without paying anything. The casino pays for it.

The value of free spins largely depends on the cost of each spin. After all, all winnings go as a multiplication of the player's bet. There is a big difference between whether $ 0.1 or $ 20 per spin will be wagered. The same combination, which is paid 100x of the bet, will give a win of $ 10 or $ 2,000, respectively. The standard cost of a free spin is 10 cents.

What does a player gain when he receives free spins?

If we compare the bonus spins with the test game, the choice in favor of the first option is obvious. Indeed, in this case, you can hope that you will win and be able to withdraw money. As a rule, it will not be real money, but bonus credits. But you will eventually be able to turn it into real money. This is done by wagering.

In short wagering is a requirement to place bets for a certain amount, for example, $ 500. You do not have to exactly lose this amount. You just need to collect $ 500 in total bets. When the goal is achieved, your bonus funds are transferred to the category of real money and can be withdrawn. Read more about wagering here.

It should be noted that not the cost of free spins, but winnings from them must be wagered. In the case of 10 free spins of 10 cents each, the total cost is $ 1. But not they will be taken into account, but how much the player won from them. It can be any amount, both less than the cost of free spins, and much higher. For example, $ 50.

How to get casino free spins?

Operators usually offer free spins to new customers or existing players when they advertise the latest releases. They can be divided into two broad categories: deposit and no deposit. That is, in order to get spins, you either have to replenish your casino account, or you just need to register. For more information on no deposit bonuses read here.

No deposit offers are less common and their wagering requirements are not the best. But for deposits, casinos often offer to spin slot machines for free on more favorable terms. Often, offers combine free spins with a cash bonus. For example, 20 spins + 50% in excess of the deposit.

In order to receive free spins, sometimes certain actions are required from players in addition to registration or a deposit. For example, enter the bonus code at some point, or contact the support service and request them there. There is a limited time for this, so if you do not see that spins have been credited to you, please contact support. You may have missed some condition.

Since you can get free spins on a specific slot or slots, sometimes you need to activate them by downloading the corresponding slot machine ... The activation time is usually also limited, so read the bonus terms and conditions and do not delay the fulfillment of the requirements.

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Зарабатывать на бонусах в целом не самое выгодное дело. The casinos set such conditions that theoretically it is not profitable to wager the bonuses. The article about hunter's bonus explains how it is calculated in theory, whether a particular offer is beneficial or not, and a formula is given that anyone can use.

But the problem with casino free spins is that you never know how much you can win from them. You may not get a single payout. This is quite possible, because usually casinos do not offer hundreds of free spins. And maybe some crazy winnings may come out.

Plus, you need to take into account that the casino can have a limit on the withdrawal of the won money. Especially in the case of no deposit free spins, which often cost a maximum of $ 50. It turns out that even if you can win back 500 dollars, you can only withdraw 50.

Some people try to maximize their earnings on bonuses by postponing free spins. This is when the player interrupts the game to start it after the wagering has ended. In this way, they try to win money that is not tied to wagering. But this technique is prohibited. Read more about the delayed rounds here.

Free spins in slot machines, what are they and how to use them?

In addition to free spins spins that players receive as bonuses, there are free spins built into slot machines, let's figure out what it is. Today almost every slot has a bonus round, and this bonus round is mostly in the form of free spins.

What are free spins was discussed above. In slot machines, they work on the same principle. Only here you won't have to wager anything. If you are lucky enough to activate free spins, the winnings from them will go straight to your real balance, and you can immediately withdraw them.

How to get free spins in slot machines?

Activation usually requires collect three scatters. These are symbols for which the position on the reels is not important. They can be scattered randomly on the screen and the main thing is not where they are, but their number. Traditionally, it takes three scatters to get free spins.

For example, Yggdrasil Casino has a slot machine Nitro Circus. After collecting three bombs, the player activates a round of spins. Sometimes the number of scatters depends on how many free spins a player should get, more scatters - more spins. And it happens that the number is always the same.

что такое фриспины в казино

There are many other activation options. For example, there are slot machines where bonus spins start when the player accumulates a certain number of symbols. For example, in Bumper Crop from Playson you need to grow a tree on one of the drums. Since this requires different processes, you can get free spins by collecting a shovel for digging up the earth, a bag of seeds, a watering can for irrigation, the sun and a farmer. Moreover, these symbols must go in that order.

что такое фриспины и как их получить

Slots with free spins + special features

Very often, having received free spins in slot machines, players receive various features that make the game even more profitable. For example, some slots remove low paying symbols during free spins. There are options when additional multipliers, special wilds, wild reels, giant symbols, etc. are given

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