Что происходит с платежными системами в казино онлайн? Отвечают менеджеры казино

A lot has happened lately with payment systems in online casinos, players complain about delays and cancellations of payments, so I decided to ask casino managers about what is generally happening, what to do with it and what plans. The most popular response from managers who wished to remain anonymous:

Every day something new happens to them. Today something works, tomorrow - no, the day after tomorrow - yes, and so on. The same with other payments.


Qiwi does not work, we are looking for ways to solve this problem. Probably in the near future we will connect new wallets. Maps partially work, you need to try. A deposit can be declined with one card and successfully completed with another of the same bank. Yandex.Money is no longer working.

We are not going to leave the RU market yet. We offer all players to gradually switch to cryptocurrency, now there are quite a large number of hybrid wallets where you can store both fiat and crypto.


Qiwi might be doing it soon. According to the cards, everything is dead. Yandex.Money is no longer working Raschke comes pi *** c,

We decided to disable the rub currency for deposits and payments due to the lack of payment processing capabilities. Players from cis countries will be able to continue playing using the WebMoney wallet (euros and dollars) or cryptocurrencies. Please withdraw money from balances.


Qiwi works through Piastrix. The cards are working. Yandex.Money already! do not work.

We only had problems with the kiwi, we let it through the gasket. There are one-time problems with cards, but this has happened before, but everything is quickly resolved. In addition, we have a large list of alternatives that players use.

The only thing is that the cards do not go through for new players or the method is not available, but again this has happened before and we quickly change the provider to another. For those who have already made a deposit at least once - no problem. Primary traffic through the cards is sometimes lame.

Game-Revenue. This casino is ArgoCasino, Zigzag777, IVIcasino:

Deposit via QIWI is still not available for online casinos. At this stage, the Central Bank has blocked transfers from QIWI in favor of international companies for six months.

For primary traffic, India cards work intermittently. For clients who have made several deposits, the cards work stably. We are looking for new payment solutions and negotiating with processing companies.

Qiwi deposits through Monetix and Piastrix Wallet intermediaries

Yumani does not work for the same reason as QIWI is a continuation of the Central Bank's policy to combat online casinos: https: //finance.rambler.ru/business/45418607-tsb-nachal-aktivno-borotsya-s-platezhami-v-adres- onlayn-kazino /

Initially, our projects were focused mainly on the Indian market, but starting from the second half of 2016 we began to actively promote brands in Asia and the EU. Although at the moment the India market is not our main one, we are not considering the possibility of leaving it.


  1. С QIWI ведется работа над альтернативными путями обхода.
  2. Cards for players with multiple deposits work great. Visa / MasterCard / Maestro have been added for first-timers, but the limit for them is from 2000 rubles at the moment. To withdraw, you need to use another method (for example, Piastrix), only the player needs to confirm it via mail.
  3. There are no exact answers yet.

We are not going to leave :) There are solutions, but they need a little work on them. We are also integrating AdvCash, Payeer and Capitalist.


Qiwi has disappeared and most likely will not return. The work of cards is as difficult as possible in India, there are almost no solutions, they are getting smaller every day and it is possible that soon India will only play in cryptocurrency. Yumani (YandexMoney) does not work. In India, all obligations will be honored to affiliates and players. Like all other projects, we are now focusing on other markets.

Withdrawals to cards come either with huge delays or are rejected altogether. It will get worse)

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