Blacklist: Va-Bank casino uses an unlicensed (unofficial) version of the casino software - an imitation of licensed software [the so-called script, fake, unlicensed, unofficial, unoriginal, fake or fraudulent (twisted) casino software]. The network contains multiple facts and evidence of non-payment of winnings. Bad, low-quality support. The support service is not able to provide qualified assistance to the players. In T&C casinos, dishonest and extortionate conditions in relation to the players were found. Va-Bank Casino has been added to our blacklist. Recommended casinos with higher ratings:


Netherlands the Supports players from the country: Netherlands the


  • Unlicensed scripted slot machines
  • Delays in payouts of winnings
  • The network has multiple facts and evidence of non-payment of winnings

Va-Bank is a well-known and discussed casino on the domestic Internet. However, this discussion has a mostly negative connotation. On the network, you can find a lot of angry reviews from customers who were unhappy with the cooperation with Va-Bank.

At one point, the casino changed its owner, and rumors began to circulate that the institution's policy would change for the better. Unfortunately, the clients did not notice any positive trends. Va-Bank still uses various schemes and techniques to get the maximum benefit. Which ones - read below.

Unlicensed software

Entering the Va-Bank gambling hall, even the most sophisticated connoisseur of gambling will be delighted with the available variety. There are slot machines from Novomatic, Playtech and Atronic. But there is one caveat: all these slots are fakes. They have only a visual resemblance to the original products from well-known manufacturers.

Inexperienced players may not know the importance of this moment. For reference: a slot with a license is the development of a specialized company that introduces honest work algorithms into the slot. Thus, the random number generator produces truly random combinations, on which the outcome of each game depends. This principle of operation is beneficial for both the player and the casino. The casino returns to the clients almost all the money deposited as winnings, leaving only a small part for itself.

Unlicensed software is programmed by the casino administration itself. These machines are open source and have an accessible settings panel. Therefore, by depositing money into your Va-Bank account, you agree to play according to the rules of the casino owner. Of course, the slot machines "twist" in favor of the house. It is extremely difficult to win anything here.

How can you tell if Va-Bank is using fake software? Very simple. Method one: find out in which casinos you can find licensed slot machines of a particular manufacturer. For example, in the case of Novomatic, these are the following establishments: Energy Casino, Quasar Gaming, Casumo, and As you can see, Va-Bank is not in this list.

Method two: check from which server the slot is being loaded. To do this, start the machine and open its source code. In numerous lines you will find the site address - this is where the software is loaded. Check this link with the address of the official developer's server - this information is freely available on the network. Rest assured: in the case of Va-Bank, the results will differ.

Weak "return" of machines

The percentage of return of funds is one of the parameters that can be selected through the settings panel of each slot. It is about the amount of money returned to players as winnings. Judging by the numerous reviews of Va-Bank customers, this indicator is very low in this institution. There is nothing to be surprised at: for this, unscrupulous casinos use unlicensed software.

Scripts are used to disguise customer deception as much as possible. Tweaked algorithms create the appearance of fair play, as a result of which users, captivated by excitement, often do not notice the obvious. During the game session, the client can win and lose, but ultimately these "swings" lead to the zeroing of the personal account. The fact is that the winnings are always minimal, and the losses are quite tangible.

What should players do? Just bypass casinos with unlicensed scripted machines. This software is sold in large bundles on numerous sites. At the same time, it costs very little, as a result of which any more or less self-sufficient casino can afford these slots. To verify the fraudulent nature of such software, you can go to one of the selling sites. It clearly states that the machines are scripted.

"Cash" problems with the withdrawal of winnings

Problems with financial transactions and game accounts are one of the biggest negative features of Va-Bank casinos, judging according to customer reviews. Delays in payments are a common situation for this establishment. And in some cases, players have to wait not a day, not a week, or even a month. The most "unlucky" clients have to wait six months! The comments of these users can be found on various forums dedicated to the gaming industry. At the same time, the support service most often simply ignores the questions of disgruntled players.

Of course, there was a trick with verification. This is an artificial time wasting by assigning a document check. Verification is a necessary procedure that is practiced in both domestic and large European institutions. However, in unscrupulous casinos, it is used in the interests of the administration. While playing Va-Bank, do not be surprised if you are asked to present not only a copy of your regular passport, but also a whole package of other documents: international passport, bank statements, etc. Moreover, checking each of them can take several weeks. Of course, this is also a test of the player's patience. If the client fails, the money will remain in Va-Bank accounts. That's the calculation.

There are also frequent complaints about the disappearance of money from gaming accounts. Of course, in such cases, the administration disclaims all responsibility. The player does not receive any compensation. And in this case, there is no one to complain, because gambling is prohibited in our country. How to be? Before you deposit money to an account in any casino, carefully study the reviews about the institution you like. Yes, it is possible that there are very few cases of money disappearing from the account, but where is the guarantee that you will not become the next “lucky”? Conscientious casinos that value their reputation do not allow such misconduct on their part. In this case, we are also talking about delays in payments. Even if there was some kind of excess, the administration should in every possible way support the client, and not ignore him. Va-Bank casino employees do not.


Va-Bank Casino has all the signs of an unscrupulous, fraudulent institution. If you want to play really honestly, we recommend that you look for a better place. Counterfeit slots will never allow you to win anything worthwhile, and to get even a small win, you will probably have to “fight” for it. Is it worth taking such a risk? The answer is obvious.

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Basic information

Based: 2015

Prohibited countries: United Kingdom, Spain, Italy , USA, Turkey, France

Software : Igrosoft

User support

Languages: Russian

Email: [email protected]

Live chat: Yes

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