Blacklist: Twist Casino uses an unlicensed (unofficial) version of the casino software - an imitation of licensed software [the so-called script, fake, unlicensed, unofficial, unoriginal, fake or fraudulent (twisted) casino software]. The network contains multiple facts and evidence of non-payment of winnings. Bad, low-quality support. The support service is not able to provide qualified assistance to the players. In T&C casinos, dishonest and extortionate conditions in relation to the players were found. Twist Casino has been added to our blacklist. Recommended casinos with higher ratings:

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Netherlands the Поддерживает игроков из страны: Netherlands the


  • Unlicensed scripted slot machines
  • Delays in payouts of winnings
  • There are multiple facts and evidence of non-payment of winnings online

Twist Casino was opened relatively long ago. Judging by the feedback from the players, at first the institution was very good and even more or less honest, but after a while the administration changed its policy, which was immediately noticed by customers. Users regularly complain about Twist on the internet.

This has led to the casino's disgusting reputation. The client base of the site has significantly decreased over time, because the owner does not conduct an active advertising campaign, and with such an attitude towards the players, their mass exodus is inevitable. However, a certain category of clients still continues to lose their money here. Below we will look at the main arguments against the Twist casino, which you will no doubt decide to find another place to play.

License question

Finding license information on the Twist site is a lengthy and, most importantly, unsuccessful process. Not a single page of the resource contains intelligible information about the legality of the casino operation. In the footer you will see a small Curacao license icon, but this is just an image that, without detailed data, does not carry any meaning. The institution's website should indicate who gave the company the right to conduct gambling activities, when it was done, and so on. Placing only a license icon is a common practice among fraudulent establishments. Thus, it is easy to deceive inexperienced gamblers who are used to taking their word for it.

Like any other illegal enterprise, a casino without a license cannot provide high quality services. The fact is that Twist is not obligated to anything by the regulatory authorities and other authorities. The absence of a licensor makes the casino absolutely unpunished, which makes it feel completely permissive. Hence the numerous complaints from players about deceptions, fraudulent tricks and tricks. It's simple: the owner of the establishment won't get anything for it. We assure you: the random number generator here does not produce random values ​​at all. Licensed casinos are regularly checked by this mechanism, which is fraud protection. Twist, of course, is not verified by anyone. By playing here, you have to take the casino owner's word for it. Is it worth believing the institution, which did not even bother to acquire a license before starting its activity?

"Left" software

Not only the casino itself should have a license a gaming machine posted on its website. Original slots are products of well-known companies: NetEnt, Novomatic and so on. Despite the fact that all of these names are mentioned on the Twist website, the casino slots are not developed by these providers. Yes, the external similarity can be one hundred percent, but the main thing in this context is the "insides" of slot machines.

In order not to be unfounded, let's move on to the evidence. Let's start with the simplest. Large provider companies do not waste their software, providing it only to casinos with a license and a good reputation. You can see, for example, on which sites you can find originals from Novomatic. Let's face it, you won't find Twist on this list. What you see on the site are just fakes, which can be done even by not the most skillful programmer.

If this does not convince you, you can dig deeper by checking the source code of the slot machine. Run it and click the corresponding button. There you will find the address of the resource from which the software is loaded. Do not expect a surprise: in all cases, these servers will not be related to real manufacturers. "Correct" addresses can be easily found on the Internet.

The "harm" of fake machines is obvious. Its owner can customize this software as he pleases. Considering that the owner in this situation is not the provider, but the owner of the establishment himself, one can easily guess what consequences this leads to. In Twist casino machines are programmed with special scenarios - scripts. These are the algorithms that each game session goes through. It is because of the scripts on the Twist site that it is almost impossible to win anything. What the client sees on the screen is not a calculation of random combinations, but a prepared picture that only imitates fair play.

Using the administration panel of the machines, the Twist administration can set any refund rate. For example, not 90% of the deposited funds can be raffled between clients, as in the best casinos, but only 10%. Needless to say that in this case the chance of getting something worthwhile from an individual player is negligible? - difficulties in withdrawing money. The fact that you see a certain number on the screen does not mean that this money will end up in your wallet. According to player feedback, Twist is doing its best to interfere with the withdrawal process. The client can be ignored, non-existent violations of the rules can be attributed to him, and this is not a complete list of options for the development of events. Of course, no explanation of the player helps in this case. To be fair, it should be said that this is unlikely to happen very often, but even the fact of occasional violations by Twist should be alarming.

Проблемы с выплатами

После «подкрученных» автоматов идет последний «редут обороны» казино Twist – сложности при выводе денег. То, что вы видите определенную цифру на экране, еще не значит, что эти деньги окажутся у вас в кошельке. Согласно отзывам игроков, Twist всячески препятствует процессу вывода средств. Клиента могут игнорировать, ему могут приписывать несуществующие нарушения правил, и это далеко не полный список вариантов развития событий. Разумеется, никакие объяснения игрока в этом случае не помогают. Справедливости ради стоит сказать, что вряд ли подобное происходит очень часто, но даже факт эпизодических нарушений со стороны Twist должен настораживать.

By the way, casino customers often complain about the simple disappearance of money from the casino account. In these cases, the administration simply keeps silent, leaving the player alone with his problem. Of course, a bona fide casino in such cases would help its user in every possible way, but Twist is not the case. At the same time, there is no possibility to complain anywhere. Our casinos are prohibited, so they don't seem to exist at all. And there is no information on the license on the site.


Twist is one of those casinos that have a disgusting reputation. As you can see, there is nothing surprising in this. The site administration uses schemes that are common for fraudulent casinos. This is their choice. It is in your power to choose another place for your gambling pastime - more honest and fair in relation to your own clients.

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Basic information

Based: 2015

Prohibited countries: United Kingdom, Spain, Italy , USA, Turkey, France

Software : Igrosoft

User support

Languages: Russian

Email: [email protected]

Live chat: Yes

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