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  • Casino top-ups from 5 euros
  • Withdrawal of winnings from 10 euros


  • There is no casino representative on our website
  • Verification within 24 hours (if you win) according to the rules of the casino, but as a rule it takes even longer
  • Clause of the rules 12.5.1 .: The company can delete the player's account or block it if the casino administration has decided to stop providing services to a particular player. In other words: We don't like you - we block you!
  • Rule Clause 31.1: Casino "Using Strategies" - thanks to which any player can be refused payment simply "if the casino has suspicions" about using the strategy

Casino SlotV is on the watchlist for the complete ignoring of numerous complaints from players (about the inability to block your account, delays in payments, etc.) and low reviews about the work of this casino.

Before registering, we recommend that you read all complaints and reviews about this casino in order to have an idea of ​​how this site works.

SlotV Casino is governed by the laws of Curacao. Gamblers from the United States of America, Spain, Italy, France, Great Britain, Ukraine, Turkey, Portugal, Germany cannot play at SlotV Casino.

SlotV Casino is an online casino with hundreds of slot machines from providers such as Microgaming , NetEnt, Quickspin, Playson, Betsoft. The site is available in several languages, including English, Swedish, Polish, Russian and others. Users can play not only on a stationary computer, but also from mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets.

The site has classic slots, the latest novelties, French roulette and European blackjack, as well as other games, for example, Baccarat, Triple Edge Poker, Red Dog. All games are fully compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. Users who need help can contact the online chat. Technical support works from 7 am to 7 pm. The rest of the time, you can send a request by e-mail. Users' personal data is protected by SSL encryption.

Casino advantages:

  • Impeccable graphics in games.
  • Deposit from 5 euros.
  • Withdrawal from 10 euros.
  • A variety of ways to deposit and withdraw funds.
  • Fast withdrawal of funds.
  • Russian version.
  • CashBack bonus. | || 439
  • Щедрый приветственный бонус.

Player reviews of SlotV Casino

There are 4 complaints about SlotV Casino on They have all been resolved. There are two complaints at One of them has been resolved, and the second has been assigned the rejected status. Players most often complain that the casino is delaying the payment of prize money, and also uses fake software.

As stated in some complaints, when the holidays are approaching, you can not count on payments, since the financial department does not process these days withdrawal requests. Some slot machines do not receive the declared free spins.

Is it worth playing at SlotV Casino?

Considering that gamblers often complain about problems with payments, you should think carefully before registering at SlotV Casino. If you have already found yourself in an unpleasant situation and cannot find a common language with the administration, then leave a complaint on our website. We will help to resolve it as soon as possible. In addition, write reviews about this gambling site. We do not remove negative opinions, but use them to form a transparent and fair casino rating.

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Slot V casino reviews Casino ( 22)
Tester's review of Slot V Casino

Probably Slot V can be called the leading and TOP project from the casino group APlay,Frank, Drift, Columbus, Mr ... Bit, represented by the well-known PlayAttack affiliate program. It is on this project that the maximum list of providers and the games themselves, from the entire casino group, is presented, as well as a more extended promo, albeit similar to the promo sections of the rest of the group members.

The basic policy and concept of the casino is still preserved ... So, in Slot V we were presented with an already familiar platform, with a completely convenient and intuitive site, with a huge selection of both popular and not so popular providers and complete collections of games, the list of which includes not only slots, but also table games, as well as a wide variety of live games.

The casino promo includes a welcome package, as well as regular free spins for a deposit, and unlike, for example, | || 639 казино Play Fortuna, free spins here are provided at different bet denominations, depending on the deposit and in very popular slots, with good potential and final winnings. In addition to this, there is also a system of points and a cashback, and a distinctive feature of the project are cases with various prizes, the opening of which, unfortunately, is not available to all players. Also, the casino very often holds tournaments, including those held by game providers, with prize pools of several tens of thousands of euros and more modest prizes in the form of points, played out using a lottery, tickets for participation in which are issued for a deposit. The downside of the promo is the complete disconnection from it, when the account goes into a plus.

Verification in the casino is initially simple and requires only filling out a profile and uploading a passport, the consideration of which takes no more than 24 hours. It is worth noting that periodically the casino still delays the account verification period (especially in cases when it is carried out after a large win), with the requirement either for a more correct photo of the previously provided document, or the requirement for additional (sometimes absurd) documents, the verification of which again takes up to 24 hours, with the potential for "repetition" of the situation and again an increase in the period for consideration of documents.

The support of the casino is loyal and patient as always. This is one of the few casinos where the support "tolerates" foul language and does not block the chat, trying to calm the player down. A separate plus can also be noted the presence of telephone communication. Among the minuses, it is not the competence of the support, which is not able to solve a "non-standard" problem, as well as the inability to submit a request. More precisely, they accept the request and promise an answer, but you should not believe it, this casino does not send feedback and when you contact the casino support again, instead of answering, you will again be offered to duplicate the request, which continues indefinitely.

Managers do not solve problems either, whose functionality is reduced only to divorcing clients for a more active game, telling stories about the advantages of the following player statuses. Personally, I was not satisfied with both the work of the support and the work of the managers (of whom I changed quite a few there, both during transitions to subsequent statuses and requests for a change).

Returning slots in this casino, in In my case, it was beyond expectations and quite often, I was able to increase the deposit not just several times, but several tens and even hundreds of times. But, the main task here is not so much to win, so much to get your money, i.e. withdraw them.

Conclusions from the casino can be said to be almost unlimited, given the size of the bets of the largest part of the players and amount to 100,000 euros. The processing time for applications does not exceed 24 hours, and in practice, in my case, they were usually carried out within 2-4 hours, less often, reaching almost the maximum period.

Numerous cases of delayed payments to players were recorded on the network, and even very small amounts, which are usually carried out in casinos under the pretext of checking an account or gaming transactions by the security service, the period of which may well exceed 24 hours.

Personally, I faced such a problem once, as a result of which I won was received. But still, for this casino it is not uncommon for cases of "non-payment" and blocking of players, which are carried out under the pretext of "suspicion" of the player of fraud / abuse of bonuses / use of strategies. Yes, yes, the confiscation of winnings is carried out precisely in case of "suspicion", i.e. theoretically, not a single player is insured against this, since upon registration he fully agrees with all the terms and conditions of the project.

It is impossible not to mention the attempt of the Slot V casino in non-payment of the winnings of 30,000,000 rubles to the player and despite the positive outcome of the solution of the issue, the very fact of the attempt did not reflect very well on the reputation of the casino and the attitude of the players towards it. || 660

В заключение могу сказать, что лично мне проект Slot V симпатичен, если закрыть глаза на работу службы поддержки и менеджеров, но это то казино, в котором переживаешь за каждую выплату, а не обвинят ли тебя в применении какой-либо стратегии или чего-либо еще, в связи с чем, я рекомендовал бы игру, лишь на «свободные деньги», но уж точно не на «последние», игру на которые лучше оставить в более надежном казино.

1 review
Published on July 30 at 12:37 pm Direct link


A friend told about this casino and decided to give it a try. In a few days I won several sums, it turned out in the end 11000 EUR / USD I will write right away, I transferred funds from a Belarusian card. I put all these amounts on a withdrawal. For several days, the manager and in the online chat told me that there were problems with the banking system and I should wait a few days (up to 5 working days). After three days, the funds that were being withdrawn were rejected and transferred to a deposit. Then I was offered to either wait or register an online cough. As a result, they generally said that the casino cannot transfer funds to the Belarusian card. Only through an online wallet. Having registered in a cough, which my so-called manager advised me, and also having passed the verification, I decided before transferring money from the casino deposit there to find out if they work with Belarusian banks. It turned out that no. To my question why the manager advises me to coughs that do not work with Belarusian banks, he replied that he does not know how they work. The question is: why advise then? In general, if you want to drain your money into an unknown destination and not get a refund of the funds won, feel free to play at this casino. You will receive, headache, a couple of kilograms of noodles from the manager in the online chat. Well, and irrevocably gone money !!!!

1 review
Published on February 18 at 20:22 Direct link

No plus

The fourth day is not paid out a scam

5 reviews
Posted on January 30 at 2:57 pm Direct link

Nice casino, never had a problem here. Support always responds quickly and to the point. There are always new slots. There were drifts, there were also losses. Overall, I'm in the black here.

Bonuses that are offered (the welcome ones do not count) can only be taken by an idiot, in fact, you will spin your deposit with a huge wager. Cashback is scanty. Very persistent managers call.

4 reviews
Posted on 05 January at 22:11 Direct link

There are none

Constant delays in payments. It is almost impossible to wait for the payment. They are deliberately playing for time with the expectation that the player will flood back. I don’t know what some people write about zero return, etc. In 2018-2019, it was not a bad establishment. For 2020 rolled into a complete ass. If you want to start playing here, I do not recommend it. At the time of writing the review, a claim was created, I am waiting for payment for the third day and I hear constant tales. But in the chat they proudly declare that they have a limit on payments of $ 100,000, while they cannot withdraw 300k for the time specified by themselves. Huge, big, minus. Won't recommend it to anyone.

1 review
Posted on November 01 at 01:51 Direct link

No pluses at all.

Played this awful Slot casino for several years V. First, I lost several million rubles, without a single chance to pay. Yes, I'm a gambler, but there is a limit to everything. Zero return is just empty bonuses. There can be no talk of a license. Casino managers always say that you are just unlucky, wait and everything will be, well, it is natural that this is a blatant lie. Everything is controlled and regulated by the moderators of this casino. Secondly, these terrible bonus gifts are just a nightmare. Wager for a deposit + the amount of deposits. Yes, never in your life you will not beat him there. Throw in 10 to rubles and turn 300 to rubles, well, this is a complete inadequate person could come up with such a thing. Today, I leaked 10 k in 4 minutes, it's some kind of nightmare.

Slot V Casino Posted on 05 November at 14:17


We want to bring you vivid impressions and positive emotions, and we believe that honesty and openness is the first step on this path. You can familiarize yourself with our license on the website at the bottom of the page.

We are constantly working to improve bonuses, as we understand that players like variety and are always open to new offers. We will be happy to select the most optimal bonus for you with the help of the Support Service, which is available 24/7 in the "help" section of our website.

Best wishes, SlotV

Complaints about Slot V Casino (21)

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