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  • Unlicensed, script fake slots
  • Cheating players about having a license to gambling on the Internet

In fact, Selector casino can be considered a victim of "persecution" by caring, soulless people who do not want to let them calmly rob players. All tricks of the operator with a license and fraud with games are constantly made public with official denials and visual evidence. Details of this entertaining story can be found in our "black" casino review Selector.

The casino collection offers products from more than 30 suppliers. This contradicts the idea of ​​a standard scripting establishment, where there are usually several developers and a meager set of fairly old slots. But the wealth of games should not mislead you, because Selector is indeed a fraud, and there is no room for doubt. They just reached a new level. The transition to new, more sophisticated methods of cheating was forced, as players became more educated in terms of identifying fake games.

Unlicensed games

Casino Selector should go down in history as the first scammer (by at least the first one to burn), who found a way to control the recoil of the original slots. These are no longer just fakes from a third-party server instead of the official one, plus the replacement of the official server address with a similar spelling.

The games are now original, and are downloaded from the official servers of the developers, but requests for the results of the game are sent to a dummy server. And he, in turn, "works" for a fraudulent casino.

NetEnt's comment

The selector uses other people's channels to download. One of them is the channel through which games are uploaded to the casinos of the Pomadorro group. These include a network of projects promoted by the PoshFriends affiliate network. Pomadorro sent a request to NetEnt and received a response that these are fake games and they are downloaded from fake servers.

Probably, NetEnt and other providers themselves did not expect such a turn. desm, known by this chat name @ hokykasino_chat, did an experiment and repeated the method used by the Selector. It turned out that the developers left behind vulnerabilities, which were exploited by the scammers.

In the link of the games frame, there is the address of the math server. The slot turns to him when it wants to know how the spin of the reels ended. But instead of the official address, you can insert any left server there, which will generate the results. And the developers do not prevent such shenanigans. The slots are just the same, only they are instructed to contact a fake server for results.

An experiment from desm

It would seem that large developers are rich companies that should foresee and prevent such a possibility such shenanigans. However, this is not just a theory, and desm has confirmed its effectiveness in practice. He managed to repeat the whole process and send the original slot to his own server for the results of the game. As a result, he gave himself a full screen of wild symbols on Dead or Alive.

No license

Casino Selector had to fight for @ hokykasino_chat, Сергей, послал запрос в MGA и получил ответ. В нем говорилось, что казино Селектор не лицензирован ими, и что будет проведено расследование по этому случаю.

This investigation appears to have led to the Malta license icon being replaced by the UK Gambling Commission. The casino has switched to an imaginary UK license, which the UK regulator itself is apparently unaware of. As expected, there is no link to confirm this license. And refutations from the UKGC itself are no longer needed, since it is obvious that all this is a deception.

The Selector was shot on a different front as well. Initially, they wrote on the site that SkillOnNet was in charge of casino management. To this Hokykasino received a statement from SkillOnNet that they are aware of the situation and are taking the necessary measures.

Interestingly, the official SkillOnNet and MGA requests were not simply ignored. This means that the operator either has a grain of conscience, which is unlikely. Or he knows what is not unattainable for the big players in the industry. Otherwise, the Selector would continue to claim that it has something to do with them.

Player reviews about the Selector casino

After the information on which the Selector casino review is based, most of the players made the appropriate conclusions. But there is also an alternative opinion that the institution is being unfairly attacked, and as long as it pays out winnings, there is nothing to play out.

Such logic has a right to exist. However, do not forget about the abundant evidence of deception and that the Selector controls the results of the games, even though they turned out to be original. It is clear that the changes in recoil are not made in favor of the players.

There are already messages from players who talk about the rejection of the withdrawal. Moreover, in some cases, it turns out to take small amounts, but large ones are no longer withdrawn. Complaints are ignored, so when you are deceived, nothing can be done.


The conclusion is not the most attractive for players. Now, in order to protect yourself from fraudsters, another procedure has been added that needs to be mastered. This is not difficult and is especially useful if, for some reason, you are in constant search of new casinos.

You will need to check not only the server from which the slot is loaded, but also which server the results. For more details, read in this article. There is also a video available with verification instructions.

Can I play at this establishment? Based on the data provided in our Selector casino review, it is obvious that it is not worth it. The operator is deservedly on the blacklist, although we can thank him for the fact that it can now act as a tutorial for players.

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Basic information

Based: 2019

User support

Languages: Azerbaijani, English, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian

Email: No

Phone number: No

Live chat: Yes

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Player reviews about Selector gg casino ( 18)
1 review
Published 05 September at 14:54 Direct link

Hello everyone, a little negative about this casino!
no license
it is not possible to withdraw the winnings even on the referral and affiliate program !!!! banned immediately (breaking the rules)
Guys don't play this D *** mo
winning 340,000 tons

1 review
Posted on 03 September 02:36 Direct link

What might you like about this sharaga? A mediocre, inadequate scam. Unambiguously blacklisted.

I do not recommend anyone to play in this sharaga. Scripted software, inadequate technical support, money is not withdrawn. Feel free to pass by and add this "project" to the black list. Moreover, now there are many really decent online casinos, and here you will only be disappointed ...

1 review
Posted on August 26 at 14:47 Direct link

Good afternoon, I would like to open the eyes of some people, the casino selector is definitely dishonest, but there is one big BUT. In the casino selector there are many off-the-record rules that players only find out about after a problem arises. In no case do not take any bonuses there, because the rule of 1.5 turnover works for each bonus. if you took a 10% bonus to the deposit, then for example, with a deposit of 1k rubles, you will have to make the amount of bets for 1600 rubles to withdraw the funds, if you took a lot of bonuses, then, as they say, rest in peace to you. As for verification: many say that it is not needed, but in fact, even with the withdrawal of 1 thousand rubles, problems may arise. And one more thing on the site there is also a standard wager x3 from the deposit, in my case I have deposited 500 rubles i.e. + 10% bonus is RUB 1500 + RUB 825 = RUB 2325 is the amount of the wager. The amount of my bets was 5102 rubles (you can find out in the "cashback" tab) And the amount that I put on the withdrawal is 4500 rubles, well, I wish you all a withdrawal of funds and I will wait for my withdrawal myself. Information from this review was taken from here:

1 review
Posted on July 22 at 12:45 pm Direct link





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1 review
Posted on 04 July at 18:53 Direct link

Casino Selekto got a daily bonus on free spins won 1500 from them, as a result, winrate went to play there he took 40 thousand. And the tool was reset !!! Screenshots available!

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