Blacklist: NetGame uses an unlicensed (unofficial) version of the casino software - an imitation of licensed software [the so-called script, fake, unlicensed, unofficial, unoriginal, fake or fraudulent (twisted) casino software]. The network contains multiple facts and evidence of non-payment of winnings. Bad, low-quality support. The support service is not able to provide qualified assistance to the players. In T&C casinos, dishonest and extortionate conditions in relation to the players were found. NetGame Casino has been added to our blacklist. Recommended casinos with higher ratings:

NetGame || | 355

Netherlands the Поддерживает игроков из страны: Netherlands the


  • Unlicensed slot machines are slipped only for Russian players
  • Delays in payment of winnings, and more often they are not paid at all for far-fetched reasons
  • The network has multiple facts and evidence of non-payment of winnings

NetGame is a network casino that was opened in 2011. It attracts players with a large number of slot machines (over 180), colorful design and frequent promotions. Despite all these advantages, NetGame has earned a reputation for being an unscrupulous casino.

You can find a lot of negative reviews on the Internet from real players. The reason is all sorts of tricks and techniques that allow you to deceive hundreds of people every day with impunity. You can see some of these methods below.

Using unlicensed slot machines

This is the most commonplace and obvious technique. For example, on the NetGame site you can find slots from the Novomatic company. Everything would be fine, but the licensed products of this developer are used only in a few networked establishments. NetGame is not included in this list. Moreover, if you compare the licensed Book of Ra slot machine and the copy used in this casino, you can see significant visual differences.

In the list of available slot machines, you can find products from Igrosoft. It's still more obvious here: none of the slots from this developer are licensed. Some players do not pay due attention to such criteria as the use of licensed products. Say, there is no difference, because they all work according to the same principle. This is a misconception.

Unlicensed slot machines can be customized by the casino owner himself. He can set the money back percentage even at 0%! At the same time, licensed slots are configured by the developers - they are protected from outside interference.

Different casino policies for different countries

NetGame is licensed by Curacao. This license guarantees the casino fairly loyal conditions in terms of control, but it can still be taken away. This can be done upon detection of widespread fraud on the part of the institution.

However, unscrupulous casinos, including NetGame, have found a way to avoid such a fate. It's simple: they "slip" unlicensed slots to players from the CIS, and "fair" slots to European gamblers.

This can be checked very easily. It is enough to first log in from our IP-address, and then - from any European one. For these purposes, you can use the most primitive VPN. You will notice the difference right away.

Non-payment of winnings

Another classic technique of fraudulent establishments. If you manage to win any money in the slot machine NetGame, it is far from the fact that you can put it in your pocket. The rules state that any transaction can be canceled by a casino employee. At the same time, there is no clear explanation of the reasons that can lead to refusal. Practice shows that the player does not receive a clear answer from the support service about what happened. And this is not surprising, because, as a rule, it cannot be.

In addition, users note that the process of withdrawing money is often delayed. You can wait for your winnings for several weeks or even months. At the same time, there is no permanent connection with technical support. According to the players' reviews, there are situations when the button for contacting the casino support service becomes simply inactive. Thus, the player is left alone with his problem. The bottom line is clear: the money remains with the casino.

Another feature of the establishment, which plays into the hands of the owners, is the payment of money in installments. The casino has a peculiar system of ranks, according to which a player without extensive experience in playing NetGame cannot withdraw a more or less large amount in one transaction. Considering how long one transfer can take, one can only imagine how long a player needs to wait for 3-4 transactions. Not everyone has enough patience.

High minimum payout threshold

This is not exactly a fraudulent scheme. This is the use of “small print” to our advantage. The fact is that NetGame makes withdrawals to bank cards with an unreasonably large minimum threshold - $ 90. Thus, if you replenish your account with $ 20, "raise" it to $ 50, you will not be able to order the payment of money. Of course, many will find out about the monstrous minimum only when it comes time to issue a withdrawal of funds. At the same time, the minimum amount of money to be deposited is only $ 1. How a person who has deposited one dollar and played a little can withdraw funds is known only to the owner of the NetGame casino.

Many people will think that money can be withdrawn to an electronic wallet or use another method. Will not work. According to the rules, money can only be withdrawn in the way it was entered into the system.

These rules are created to encourage players to deposit more funds and create even more problems with withdrawing money. || | 422

Непрозрачная система бонусов

Like any other casino, NetGame attracts new players with enticing bonuses upon registration. Most frequently used offer: the player receives $ 20 on the first deposit. It would seem like a great deal and a great help for a productive and successful game in the future.

In fact, things are not so rosy. The whole point, again, in the rules of the casino, which are "hidden" in the hard-to-reach places of the site. According to them, in order to take advantage of the bonus, the player must "play" a certain amount in the casino. As in the case of the minimum for withdrawal, this amount is unusually large. To receive the $ 20 bonus, the player must use $ 1,000 in games. The so-called wager is 50. How profitable this deal is, everyone decides for himself.

NetGame regularly offers players different bonus programs, but they always have a lot of pitfalls. Users need to remember one simple rule: a casino that uses unlicensed machines and does not regularly pay out legitimate winnings simply cannot give away money just like that. Any bonus program is a way of enriching casino owners, not players.


NetGame is a typical example of an online casino that uses a variety of tricks to maximize its value. Somewhere these are just tricks, like a clause of the rules with a minimum withdrawal, and somewhere - outright fraud, as in the case of unlicensed machines. Be that as it may, while spending time in this casino, you should not count on fair and fair play. It is better to look elsewhere.

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Basic information

User Support

Languages: Russian

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: +7 (499) 348-16-36

Live chat: Yes

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Player reviews of NetGame casinos ( 3)
1 review
Posted on August 18 at 08:23 Direct link


Don't play at this casino! These are pure scammers, including inadequate casino administration! I bought a trigger for 1000 rubles, it glitched and disappeared, not a single scroll! I wrote to the chat, refused to help, gave the administration mail, waited for an answer for 2 days, they did not delve into it at all, wrote that I lost the trigger, without any proof! I hope my review will save someone's finances!

1 review
Published on December 15 at 08:31 Direct link

This casino will not pay you anything if you have not poured a big sum of money into it. || | 564
И даже тогда не факт,что выплатят.
I won back the no deposit bonus and with this 1000r I got a total of 73000
I tried to display 3000r-the output was canceled and documents were requested.
Sent everything, confirmed.
I put the funds on withdrawal again - I receive a letter stating that my account is blocked and I allegedly violated the rules of clause 2.4, although they were not violated by me.
I am writing to the mail, I ask you to substantiate this claim - silence.
On tel. pranks do not get through - constantly busy.
This is how customers are treated.
"Won-free. We need depositors"

3 reviews
Published on 03 May at 07:33 Direct link

Walk-through casino, nothing cool interesting, though nicely designed, and adapted for Russian players, like payments and withdrawal to various payment systems. As they said in support, the withdrawal takes up to 2 hours. I can hardly believe it.

At first, the name may seem like a casino with a gaming platform from Netent, but this is not so. They have slots from the developers of Igrosoft and Gaminator, and they also don’t know what quality, most likely scripted. I was attracted without a deposit bonus of 20 bucks It was very easy to get it. Register, confirm your account by mail, download and install the software shell from the river slot. So they have three platforms, but the bonus was given only for installing the river slot.

Having received the coveted 20-ku, without even reading the rules and terms I rushed to play about wagers and withdrawals. There are plenty of slots for the game. I started with Book of Ra, then moved on to dolphins, then to mani, and so on for all slots. It’s impossible to say that you don’t give at all, but you don’t win either, it’s as if it keeps you on the same balance. On the one hand, this is a good bonus, but on the other hand, it’s boring! not enough action.

In Olweiss, although I put a higher bet and then the game started. Such a swing lasted two hours. I already thought, well, all the bonus has been won back, you can withdraw it. began to look for terms, but soon decided to write in support. Their support is dumb. I hugged for half an hour that I was playing for no deposit and I needed to know how much I needed to beat. As it turned out, I have to scroll the amount 90 times and the withdrawal is only $ 20. In my account, I found that in total I beat off 50 percent. There is no point in further explaining - I poured everything in. Scripts have eaten their own.

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