Blacklist: uses an unlicensed (unofficial) version of the casino software - an imitation of licensed software [the so-called script, fake, unlicensed, unofficial, unoriginal, fake or fraudulent (twisted) casino software]. The network contains multiple facts and evidence of non-payment of winnings. Bad, low-quality support. The support service is not able to provide qualified assistance to the players. In T&C casinos, dishonest and extortionate conditions in relation to the players were found. Mops.Casino has been added to our blacklist. Recommended casinos with higher ratings:


Netherlands the Supports players from the country: Netherlands the


  • Unlicensed scripted slot machines
  • Delays in payouts of winnings
  • Lack of a license, misleading users in its presence

Andrey Schadilo, together with his "colleague", opened the "Pug" casino in May 2018. The site is named after the very "colleague" of the Pug, who is the co-owner of this resource.

Despite the fact that Pug is far from being an old-timer of the domestic gambling business, the casino has already earned a negative reputation for itself. It is blacklisted on many specialized sites, and there are reasons for this. We will talk about these reasons below. We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with this information so as not to join the ranks of the deceived customers of the Pug casino.

Lack of license

The footer of the site contains information about the license of Curacao, but it does not in any way confirm the legality of the institution. The link to the license is not posted anywhere, and without it, plain text is of no value. To clarify the situation, you can contact the support service, but we assure you that the casino representative will not provide you with any intelligible information. The reason is simple - there is nothing to provide.

The absence of a license allows the institution to conduct any policy with absolutely impunity. This means that when you come to the Pug casino, you take its owner's word for it. If you are "thrown" - no one will help you. Good casinos value their reputation so as not to lose such a precious license. In this case, there is nothing to lose. Pug Casino is not accountable to any regulatory body. The algorithms of operation of slot machines are not checked, although they should be regularly tested by special commissions.

In addition, it is important that in case of detection of deception, the client does not even have a theoretical opportunity to go anywhere to restore justice. Yes, even in the case of a license it is extremely difficult to do this, but nevertheless there is such an option.

In the world of casinos, the logic is extremely simple: there is simply no point for an honest establishment to operate without a license. The site, which operates legally, looks confidently into the future and does not experience any problems. Without a license, casinos operate, the purpose of which is to deceive their customers. Providing your services on a legal basis, it would be impossible to do this - it is fraught with multiple problems.

We strongly recommend that you play exclusively in a casino with a license. Unfortunately, Pug is not included in their list.

Unlicensed machines

Let's move on to purely gaming moments. As expected, the illegal Pug casino is using fake software. Provider companies do not provide their software to establishments without a license.

Everyone can be convinced of the fake of slot machines on their own. The method is familiar and simple: you just need to open the source code of any gaming machine - this is done in a few clicks. For clarity, you can watch one of the corresponding videos on the Internet. In the source code of the machine, you need to find the address of the server from where the software is loaded. After that, you just need to compare this link and the addresses of the real servers of the selected developer. In the case of the Pug Casino, the results will differ. And all because the devices located on the institution's website are located on unknown servers that are not the property of large provider companies. They may not even be created by the most skillful developers. By the way, this software is very cheap - any casino can afford it.

If the site contains fake machines, this is already a reason to bypass the resource. The point is, the fake slots are completely customizable. The original software is provided by the casino "as is". That is, the owner cannot enter his settings into the gaming machines. This is fair and logical. Any algorithms can be loaded into a fake. The settings panel contains an important parameter - the percentage of refund. Fraudulent casinos can set a floor and virtually all of the money deposited by players will remain with the owner. Hence the numerous complaints from the players of the Pug casino about the impossibility of winning anything. This is logical, because a meager amount is played between clients, and not everyone is lucky in this situation.


A script is a software algorithm that directly affects the gameplay. This is a kind of game scenario. In bona fide casinos, combinations are created by a random number generator, which provides the player with a fairly high chance of success. In scripted casinos, including "Pug", "blanks" are displayed on the screen. Of course, they all work in favor of the institution.

The script is designed to disguise deception as much as possible. It simulates a natural gameplay, but at a distance, each scenario has one endpoint - zeroing the client's deposit. During the game session, the client of the casino "Pug" may have wins, but they are rare and insignificant. In addition, the user rarely manages to break out of the limits of the amount of his deposit.

Many people think that all casinos work according to this principle. It is not true. The original machines contain the algorithms laid down by the manufacturer. It makes no sense for the provider to cheat the players, so the slots are programmed “honestly”. Thus, we can make an obvious conclusion - you shouldn't play in a casino with fake software. Casino owners buy it precisely in order to be able to deceive their own customers. There are simply no other reasons.

Mops casino reviews

As you can see, the Pug casino, which attracts players by the name of a famous blogger, is no different from hundreds of fraudulent casinos on the vastness of our Internet. That only is the fact that there is no license, which is a sure sign of scammers. We recommend that you refrain from hanging out here, because scripting machines guarantee that almost every game ends in the casino's favor.

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Basic Information

Official site:

Based: 2018

Prohibited countries: United Kingdom, Spain, Italy , USA, Turkey, France

Billing Information

Deposit Methods: QIWI, Yandex Money, MasterCard, Visa Cards

Currencies: Russian ruble

Min. deposit: 98 rubles

Min. conclusion: 100 rubles

User support

Languages: English, Russian

Email: [email protected]

Live chat: Yes

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Player reviews of Mops casino. Casino ( 2)
1 review
Posted on June 07 at 06:57 Direct link

An ordinary scripted casino that can adjust the return of slots to you to a minimum

hokyKasino Published 07 June 11:15

No license in casino.
Slot machines are scripted and unlicensed.
And this is a normal practice, as for any scripted casino - to make it clear to new players that the casino "gives" and withdraws, so that you make a deposit again. And then the picture may change. DO NOT play in casinos, let alone in scripts

2 reviews
Published on May 30 at 17:30 Direct link

Sukaaa, how these two fuckers annoy me, I had some recommendations on YouTube, Well this is some kind of fucked up. And they will play with dolboy who donate to them and so, in short, I would not put stars


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