Blacklist: Eldorado Casino uses an unlicensed (unofficial) version of the casino software - an imitation of licensed software [the so-called script, fake, unlicensed, unofficial, unoriginal, fake or fraudulent (twisted) casino software]. The network contains multiple facts and evidence of non-payment of winnings. Bad, low-quality support. The support service is not able to provide qualified assistance to the players. In T&C casinos, dishonest and extortionate conditions in relation to the players were found. Eldorado Casino has been added to our blacklist. Recommended casinos with higher ratings:

Eldorado || | 355

Netherlands the Поддерживает игроков из страны: Netherlands the


  • Unlicensed scripted slot machines
  • Delays in payouts of winnings
  • The network has multiple facts and evidence of non-payment of winnings

"Eldorado" is a network casino, which has an interesting design and a wide range of slot machines. With these features, the institution attracts numerous gambling lovers. Attracts to cheat.

Like many other online casinos, Eldorado uses a whole list of various fraudulent schemes and tricks to generate illegal income. All of them are obvious and visible to the naked eye, but many players still fall for the hook of this casino. You can familiarize yourself with the main complaints against Eldorado below.

Lack of license

If you want to find information about a license on the Eldorado website, you will simply waste your time. This information is nowhere to be found. This fact should in itself become a good reason to leave the institution. It is worth remembering a simple rule: an unlicensed casino cannot conduct its business honestly. If the owner plans to create a bona fide casino, he receives a license, acquires original slot machines and helps the players in every possible way in resolving controversial issues. Eldorado does none of this.

A license is not just a pretty icon on a website. It gives the right to conduct business and forces the casino to comply with certain rules. In the event of fraudulent activity, the license is withdrawn. Since Eldorado does not have it at all, it is impossible to punish the casino for cheating players. Yes, such sites are regularly blocked, access is restricted, but users can easily bypass these restrictions. In all other respects, the institution can work dishonestly with absolutely impunity.

How is this manifested? The most important thing is various "twists". It is known that it is extremely difficult to win something in the "Eldorado" casino, and this is quite expected. The random number generator is tuned in favor of the house. And if the licensed casino would have been closed a long time ago due to such misconduct, Eldorado gets off with only negative reviews from players on the Internet. This, of course, spoils the reputation of the casino, but the audience of gambling fans is huge: instead of one client who left, two new ones will come. || 400

Внимательно изучайте сайт казино, в которое хотите внести свои деньги, и обходите стороной заведения без лицензии.

Поддельные игровые автоматы

Let's move on to the Eldorado's cheating tools. First, let's define what the original automata are. The original software is a product of well-known developers: "NetEnt", "Novomatic" and so on. These machines are programmed by the manufacturer and work according to honest algorithms. As much as the casino owner wants to change the principle of their work, he will not succeed. Licensed machines are protected from third-party interference. Despite the fact that they are displayed on the casino website, these slots are located on the developers' server.

Unlicensed machines are fakes that can be created even by not the most skillful programmers. These are copies that only superficially resemble the original. And now such machines can already be configured as you like. Here you can select the percentage of the refund, that is, the amount that will be given back to the players. You can even set 0%. This software is not hosted on developers' servers, but on third-party resources. Thanks to this, fake machines can be easily identified.

Launch any of the Eldorado slots. Open the element's source code and see where the software is loaded from. Check the found address with the server address of the developer company. Of course, they will be different, because the running software has nothing to do with this developer.

In addition, fake machines may have visual differences from real ones. Thanks to this, experienced players can detect cheating by eye. Follow also the gameplay itself. Counterfeits are often "buggy" and do not work correctly.


A script is directly what "takes" the player's money. This is the software script that the gameplay goes through. You can feel it for yourself by simply playing a few sessions at the Eldorado casino. You will see that in the vast majority of cases, the game ends up resetting the balance. Only in some situations do slot machines allow you to win something in order to slightly disguise the deception. You can find a large number of reviews about the scripting of the Eldorado casino on the Internet.

It is unlicensed machines that make it possible to use scripts. Therefore, if you decide to deposit money in "Eldorado", be prepared for the fact that you will see them for the last time. Software scripts will do everything to keep you empty.


Where scripts don't help casinos, very ambiguous rules will come into force. "Eldorado" has registered in the corresponding section items that make the player completely unprotected. Many dishonest online establishments do this. The expectation is that the majority of clients simply do not pay attention to the rules and immediately start playing. Here are a few examples.

The rules indicate that the administration can at any time without warning delete the player's account, if "it deems it necessary." Moreover, the subsequent customer account will be deleted if he re-creates it. Thus, "Eldorado" can stop serving any user at any time. No one can guarantee that this item will not be used for fraudulent purposes.

Also, the administration of "Eldorado" indicated in the rules that errors in the game and money transfers by the company are a common occurrence. At the same time, the company does not bear any responsibility for the consequences. If you order a payment, and the money does not reach, you will not be able to demand anything from the casino - it is not responsible.

In fact, there are a lot of such points. Take some time to read the rules section. Only then decide whether to play or not to play.


It's simple: if you want to play with your own money, and not just give it to the casino owner, look elsewhere. "Eldorado" conducts activities that are aimed only at enriching the institution itself. We strongly recommend that you study the above arguments, as well as read reviews about casinos on the Internet.

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Basic information

Official site: eldorado24.com

Based: 2015

Prohibited countries: UK, Spain, Italy , USA, Turkey, France

Software : Igrosoft

Payment Information

Deposit Methods: Yandex Money, MasterCard, Visa Cards

Currencies: Russian ruble

Min. deposit: 98 rubles

Min. conclusion: 100 rubles

User support

Languages: Russian

Email: [email protected]

Live chat: Yes

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1 review
Published on 07 July at 10:10 Direct link

Won 9 thousand EUR / USD refused to pay due to the fact that they allegedly found some then maltiacout.

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