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  • The site has over 20 developers supplying over 2,500 games
  • First deposit bonuses, deposit bonuses on Thursdays and weekends, 10% cashback every Monday


  • The casino has the right to suspend / block the account and withdraw the account balance if the player is suspected of illegal practices in other casinos
  • The casino has the right to set individual withdrawal schedules for players, as well as maximum and minimum withdrawal limits
  • The casino will block your account for using VPN or other ways to hide your real IP

DozenSpins is an online casino founded in 2019. The operator has a Curacao license and a solid collection of over 2,500 games. There are conditions for players in India and the CIS: Russian, rubles, Russian payments. However, in the terms and conditions, you can find several unpleasant moments, such as the possibility of setting individual limits on withdrawal, withdrawal of winnings in case of insufficient deposit turnover. Read more about all this in the DozenSpins casino review.

This is one of the lesser-known casinos that hasn't built a reputation yet and has few helpful reviews. Therefore, it is still difficult to draw conclusions. Almost everyone can play. The list of banned countries is small, at the time of writing the review, there are only six countries: Great Britain, USA, Spain, France, Italy and Ukraine. Moreover, regarding Ukraine, there is a note that it includes temporarily occupied territories (rule 2.7).

Like most casinos licensed in Curacao, DozenSpins does not offer limits to limit deposits, losses, bet size or duration of the game. Therefore, if you have problems with this, this is not the best option. In their arsenal of tools for responsible gaming, only temporary blocking of access to the account. However, the operator reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to block access to the account if it believes that the player has financial or personal problems due to the game (rule 4.2).

DozenSpins casino features you need to know before registration

First of all, you need to know one unpleasant moment in the terms and conditions of the casino. In one of the paragraphs of section number 8, "Payment Rules", it is said that the operator has the right to set individual withdrawal schedules for players, as well as maximum and minimum withdrawal limits. Moreover, this can be applied to each withdrawal request and the withdrawal time will also be set. At the time of writing the DozenSpins Casino review, there are no player reviews to support this rule. But it exists, and it is already duplicated in clause - 8.5.

In the same section "Payment Rules" a list of documents required for verification is given. This is a copy of a passport or driver's license, a copy of a bank card from which the account was replenished, a screenshot of a bank account with certain information. Other documents or proof of deposit may also be required. One of the points of rule 2.5. there is a condition that before withdrawing money, the player must verify his account. The documents will be verified within 24 hours. The financial department works from 9.00 to 18.00 GMT + 3 on weekdays.

8.5.а - minimum withdrawal of 700 rubles, when using a bank card - 1,000 rubles. Another important point can be found in rule 8.5.d - the turnover of the deposit before withdrawal is x3. And if at least x1 turnover is not completed, then DozenSpins casino has the right to write off all winnings and take a commission of 10% of the amount of the last deposit. Please note that the commission does not come from the withdrawal, but from the amount of the last deposit. In this case, you can lose legitimate winnings only because you have not reached the turnover.

Rule 8.9 - it is possible to limit withdrawals to the account through which the player made a deposit. 8.10. If you do not place any bets, the withdrawal request will be rejected. 8.13. the operator has the right to charge an additional commission for the withdrawal to cover administrative costs.

Another interesting point is contained in Rule 10.3. It says that the casino has the right to suspend / block the account and withdraw the account balance if the player is suspected of illegal practices in other casinos. That is, it is not necessary to break the rules in DozenSpins for a player to be punished. The suspicion of another operator is enough.

Players should also familiarize themselves with rules 10.4.1 to 10.4.3, which describes what actions are considered fraudulent, what will be considered an unfair player advantage or abuse of bonuses.

Players should not use VPN or other means of hiding their real IP. At the time of this writing, DozenSpins Casino has rule 11.8, according to which such behavior may be punishable by cancellation of any winnings, cancellation of a bet, account blocking. you can write. Interestingly, in addition to this, the operator provides the addresses of the English-language resources AskGamblers, ThePogg, LatestCasinoBonuses, where the player can turn for help. This despite the fact that on these sites there are no reviews, no representatives, no records about this institution.

Что касается жалоб, в пункте 23.5 дается имейл регулирующего органа, куда можно написать. Интересно, что помимо этого, оператор предоставляет адреса англоязычных ресурсов AskGamblers, ThePogg, LatestCasinoBonuses, куда игрок может обращаться за помощью. Это при том, что на этих сайтах нет ни обзоров, ни представителей, ни записей об этом заведении.

Bonuses at DozenSpins online casino

  • Players get 100% for the first deposit of 1,000 rubles or more bonus up to 22,000 rubles plus 120 free spins.
  • 50% up to 35,000 EUR / USD + 50 free spins on the first deposit from Monday to Thursday.
  • 50% up to 35,000 + 100FS for deposits on weekends .
  • 10% weekly cashback on losses. The refund amount is from 500 to 30,000 rubles. Wager 20x. To activate, you need to contact the support service.

Wagering bonuses

The wager of the bonus amount is x50 for the above offers except cashback. In this case, the maximum rate is 350 EUR / USD, the term is 10 days. Slots give 100% wagering, table games and cards 0%, video poker 0%. Read also the details of the offer, where there will be three lists, about 50 slot machines each. In one of them, slots are indicated in which bets give only 20% to wagering, in the other 0%, and in the third those that will not be available for play. Also, access to live casinos will be closed.

Player reviews of DozenSpins casino

At the time of writing the DozenSpins casino review, there are very few useful player reviews. You can find a small number of comments where there is a discussion of shares. Few players provided valuable information. In one case, it was said about verification, when they requested a copy of a passport / driver's license, a screenshot of an electronic wallet and a selfie with a document. After sending the documents, they asked for an additional selfie with the document and against the background of the casino website. As a result, the money was withdrawn, the player was dissatisfied with the speed. The request was received on a weekend when the finance department was closed.

In one of the other reviews, the player DozenSpins also talked about requesting approximately the same documents. In the first submission, the support service said that it had not received the documents. After re-sending, they asked for an additional selfie with a document in the background of the site, then a rent receipt.

In one complaint, the player was unhappy that, due to a slot error, he was not credited with a win. The provider confirmed that there was an error and that the player was not legally credited with the winnings. The user was given a small bonus, but he was not happy with the situation.

What games can you play at DozenSpins online casino?

The site has over 20 developers who supply over 2,500 games. These are slot machines, live casinos, a wide variety of blackjack, roulette. Slots with progressive jackpots are highlighted separately, but there are no mega famous ones among them that bring players millions.

There is a good choice in the category of live casinos. These are popular games from several providers including NetEnt and Evolution Gaming. And from Ezugi, in addition to special studios, broadcasts from real casinos are offered.


DozenSpins has not yet earned a reputation for itself. It has various bonuses with relatively high wagering requirements and a large number of games. Based on the reviews available, it is likely that various selfie documents may be requested for verification. It is also necessary to take into account the fact that there are many unpleasant moments in the rules and conditions. One of which is the ability to set individual output schedules for each player.

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DozenSpins casino reviews ( 4)
1 review
Posted on December 29 at 10:51 pm Direct link

Good afternoon!
I am opposed to registrations on forums, because then email, to put it mildly, is shocked by spam. That is, the postman feels the same way as Snow White after a three-hour march of the throw in a team with African-Americans. In general, I read your comments on Dozenspins casino. They all contradict each other.
Someone is shocked by the verification and does not understand that he lives in the 21st century, where the identity is confirmed not only by the shouts of "I" from the back of the vocational school.
Someone praises the project and it is not clear whether it is a failure or a real user.

I will express my independent opinion: The casino is normal, the question "Why is it normal?" Answer: Support will always be the face of the project. All ADEQUATE PEOPLE understand that this is an inferior structure.
Ответ: Лицом проекта всегда будет поддержка. Все АДЕКВАТНЫЕ ЛЮДИШКИ понимают, что это низщая структура.
And if the support shows interest and excuse the expression "Licks the client", it means that those who are higher in their heads have complete order.
How did the acquaintance begin:
I don’t remember how I got to this site, maybe through advertising, or maybe I was looking for a pornhub. Before saying goodbye to funds, I had a two hour conversation with support, from an unauthorized client. I was surprised by the fact that the support endured my perverse antics to the last, with this I have not encountered before. As a rule, 99% of responses from other projects for example: 1xbet, slot, joikazina, were (Who are you, give a deposit or goodbye! I answered you earlier, all bye, adies).

After registration I also had quite a few questions, but I got answers to them: And about the bonus, so I found out that it is NOT sticky. A very funny expression in fact, like something that cannot be touched with your hands, or something else, may not be sticky. Well, nothing, I also received an answer to this. In the first, they could explain to me what the RTP is formed from and show the% return!
And when I asked to confirm the licensing of the slots, I was given a link to several providers. I was not too lazy, I wrote to them as well, and received an answer that only reinforced the seriousness of the project.

Next, I was helped to find an individual deposit promotion. Ie the support helped to do it.
I got my% on the deposit and also gave free spins.
In total, I got an additional 120% bonus and 100 spins.

The fun started here!
The drift from free spins amounted to 52 thousand EUR / USD
With grief in half, I managed to win back the bonus for the deposit and also the bonus for free spins ..

Then I wanted to check the withdrawal!
But before that I turned to support, I was clearly told and shown the point of the rules where you need to make the amount of bets for withdrawal. Okay - it's all fair. Fulfilled the amount of bets and issued 3 requests for withdrawal (Although in other projects 1 request is made out in half with grief)

The day is over, there is no withdrawal. Immediately I thought that everyone had sailed, another deception .. I turned to support again, poked my nose like a kitten into the rules and informed about the withdrawal period, kindly poked me. It turns out that I submitted the request after the working hours of the withdrawal service.

Ok, I'm waiting for the second day, there is NO output !!! I applied again, it turned out I needed to send the documents, all according to the same rules with which I agreed. Well, nothing, I tried to find out why they did not report earlier !!! It turned out that all the same they reported, you just need to put aside the beer and read the letter in the mail! But, as I wrote above that I will not see SPAM, I overlooked it.

Since normal people already have scanned documents, there is no problem with this. Lada send documents and wait, what else will come up with. And I do not understand whether this is a deception? or not.

Checked the documents the next afternoon. BUT THE REQUEST WAS NOT PROCESSED IMMEDIATELY!
After contacting support, they said that they needed to wait, because the bank that processes the withdrawal had those. work.

TOTAL: brought the ENTIRE AMOUNT at the end of the day!
1) I passed the verification, after that I received 5 or 6 more conclusions in the total amount of more than 300 thousand rubles.
2) the support behaved adequately and was in touch at any time.
3) if you read the rules, it turns out that everything becomes clear.

Thank you all for taking out, please do not spam my mailer!

The site is too green, I would like something blue or gold.
Fast replies in the chat are enraged, I do not have time to type a new question.

4 reviews
Published on November 15 at 22:04 Direct link

I miraculously brought out 12 thousand. I asked for a bunch of documents, I no longer play there, there are a lot of reviews that they throw in different ways. They have fin. the department and the casino itself are different structures, as I understand it. If you write to them in the chat about the output they do not know anything, do not play there.

2 reviews
Posted on August 10 at 07:25 Direct link

Sleight of hand and no cheating

Scam clean, no big wins withdraw. will be banned anyway for an unknown reason. Do not play in this trash heap! If the casino that is banning you because your laces are different and the wallpaper on the walls does not match the background! Send them to ....

DozenSpins Posted on August 10 at 09:02 am

Dear roman_ivanov.
Thank you for sharing your experience with the game.

Unfortunately, you did not provide information about what kind of difficulty you have with authorizing or blocking your account.

If your account was blocked due to violation of the rules of the project, then you must have been sent a letter to the email address. mail specified during registration with a full description of the situation and the reason for blocking.

If you were registered in the project and your login was blocked, as well as if you did not receive a letter to the email address. mail, then please contact the technical support of the project to clarify the situation.

If you have any questions or difficulties, please contact the Live chat 24/7, or by e-mail. mail: [email protected]

9 reviews
Posted on May 23 at 4:03 pm Direct link

Lots of games.

24 hours withdrawal, but 24 hours in advance do not withdraw. + If the amount is higher than 14k rubles, the withdrawal may be split into 2-3 days. 24k they took me out for 2 days. Limits are generally small 25k per day. On weekends, they do not withdraw at all. In short, in case of a skid or jackpot, you will withdraw money for a year. You shouldn't play with them. Now I am waiting for the withdrawal of 20k for the 2nd day, then I will block the account.

Complaints about DozenSpins (2)

Problems with DozenSpins?
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