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  • Large selection of slot machines, card games and live dealer games
  • Excellent Casino Bonus Policy
  • Large selection of deposit and withdrawal methods
  • 24/7 live chat, player support
  • Personal suggestions for every day. New promotions appear twice a week - on Monday and Friday.


  • Doesn't accept players from Ukraine (including Crimea)

Casino Booi is a new operator promoted by the same company as the well-known gambling site, PlayFortuna. So far, little can be said about Booi, but based on PlayFortuna's work, you can expect a fairly high quality and stability. The site has a large number of games, many payment systems, normal support service and decent bonuses.

Basically, the two operators are very similar. But the main difference between Booi casino is that it has a different approach to the bonus policy, which is more adapted to the Russian market. So, players from India can be sure that here they will not only be provided with all the necessary conditions, but will also be offered optimal bonuses.

Бонус-код от казино Booi

Russian language, Russian payment systems, Russian support service, all of this is mandatory okay. There are about 20 countries on the banned list, including some European countries and the USA.

One thing that may alert some players is the Curacao license. However, for operators targeting the ru market, this is a common practice. And given that PlayFortuna works great with the same license, this will not be a problem.

Features of Booi casino, which you need to know before registering

Usually the main surprises are hidden in the rules and conditions of the casino. In the case of the Bui casino, there is nothing special and outrageous. Standard rules, some of which players may not like, but this is a common practice. Basically, everything is within reason, potential Booi casino players should pay only a couple of points.

If the deposit amount has not been entered at least 3 times, then the casino can take a commission of up to 10% when withdrawing funds. Also, Booi casino players need to know that the money they put on the withdrawal is not blocked and is available for play. That is, you can spend them. Some casino players express dissatisfaction about this, because in a fit of excitement they spend money that they wanted to withdraw.

For those who have poor control over the game, it is important to know that there are no responsible gambling tools on the official Booi casino website. That is, limits on deposits, bets and losses will not be available. This means that you will need to control costs yourself. And given that the money put on withdrawal can be used for gambling, for players prone to excessive spending, this is not the most suitable place.

Booi casino bonuses

On account of the bonus policy at Booi casino special plans. They plan to introduce not only standard bonuses, but also interesting offers that will make the game even more fun deposit. The minimum deposit amount is $ 20. The offer looks very tempting, but there are some conditions that are important to know.

В качестве приветственного бонуса игрокам Booi предлагается получить не 100%, как обычно получают новички, а целых 200% на первый депозит. Минимальная сумма пополнения — $20. Выглядит предложение очень заманчиво, однако есть кое-какие условия, которые важно знать.

The bonus becomes available after confirmation of the mail:

Booi casino отзывы

First of all, the Booi Casino welcome bonus has a maximum of $ 200. Secondly, you will need to play it in just five days. The wagering factor is 20x, which is very good. However, the coefficient is applied to the amount of the deposit and the bonus. For example, if you deposited $ 20 and received $ 40 on top, then in total you will need to place bets for $ 1,200 (($ 20 + $ 40) * 20).

Player reviews about Booi casino

This is a new operator, so player reviews for Booi are not yet available. Over time, it will be possible to give a more accurate assessment, but for now we have to focus on another brand launched by the same company, this is PlayFortuna. In that case, here's some rough feedback from Booi players.

As usual, there are some complaints about late payments or withdrawals take longer than other casinos. Some people don't like the support service, others don't like the bonus offers. In general, a standard set of complaints and complaints.

Booi casino players will surely note a large selection of games in their reviews, since all the main providers that are currently in demand are available, as well as games from a number of other, less well-known developers. On the positive side, there are also a large number of deposit and withdrawal methods. Many of them are designed for a Russian audience, for example, Yandex Money, WebMoney, Qiwi. Bank cards, mobile top-ups and popular international systems are also available.

There should be few complaints, and the resolution of disputes is fair. It is worth noting that judging by the work of PlayFortuna, Booi casino will not ignore players on thematic resources. This is a good indicator that the operator is serious and honest.

What games can you play at Booi Casino?

There is a lot to choose from. Software offered by more than 15 developers. Among them are the famous NetEnt, Microgaming, Yggdrasil, Play'n GO. There are smaller, still relatively young studios, for example, Red Tiger, Push Gaming, Booongo and some others.

Booi Casino has a huge selection of live casino tables. Roulette, baccarat, sicbo, blackjack of all kinds. You can play at regular or VIP tables with different limits. In addition to the traditional options for the game, there are unique ones. For example, Lightning Roulette, in which the player can get a multiplication of the winnings, or roulette with two balls.

There are also a lot of ordinary table games (without real dealers), video poker and lotteries. But most of all, as usual, are slot machines. You will have access to hundreds of slots with a wide variety of characteristics, ranging from the most advanced to the old, classic slots.


Casino  Buoy is a young but promising operator. He has all the data to reach the same fairly high level as PlayFortuna. It remains only to wait and check whether the operator will really follow in the footsteps of his predecessor, or choose a different path. Moreover, it is possible both for the worse and for the better.

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Player reviews about Booi casino ( 49)
Tester's review of Booi casino

BOOI casino was presented on the market as a partner project Playfortuna casino, and from this all the corresponding consequences. Those who were previously convinced of the dishonest work of Play Fortuna will continue to convince the players of the dishonesty of this project, but those who liked the Play Fortuna casino will be very pleased, because in addition to maintaining the overall concept of the casino, including in the largest part of the terms and conditions, in the BOOI casino the developers have presented a wider range of promotions.

The design and interface of the Bui website, in my opinion, are more successful and pleasing to the eye, unlike its predecessor. The variety of games offered by the provider has been preserved, and the casino will still be able to satisfy the needs of almost every player. The payoff of slots has remained high and is quite comparable to the payback of slots in Play Fotruna, where very large winnings are often given out.

It is also worth reminding that, as in PF, the owners of have set very high bet limits, not being afraid of big wins, as well as the fact that slots with progressive jackpots have higher values ​​and more frequent payouts, in comparison with a number of other casinos, for example, on the platform from SoftSwiss.

This will please its players casino and their promo. So, the casino will welcome you with a welcome bonus of 150% and a package of 100 free spins, in the Bui casino you can play for a bonus, it is not allocated to a separate account as in the PF. With the further play, the casino practically does not offer bonuses in the form of interest on the deposit, and personal gifts are reduced only to the offer of free spins.

Free spins will disappoint players with large deposits, since the par of the package spins are extremely low and will be quite interesting only for bonus hunters and players with minimal deposits.

Cashback here is already charged with real money, unlike points on Play Fortuna, but it is very difficult for him to compete with a number of other projects , since its percentage is not large and varies only in the value of 4-7%.

However, such not high indicators are due to the very honest attitude of the project to the players (no fraudulent actions towards the player), as well as the presence other promos ... This offer attracts by its not yet popularity and, often, not even all the prize places are occupied, which gives an almost guaranteed opportunity to get into the table of winners. The downside, in my opinion, here is the "identity" of all quests, since the tasks are similar with the only difference in slots, and personally I would still like more varied quests or the creation of a "big quest" by analogy with stream race. Plus, we can note the very short timing of the quest, which makes it possible to win regularly.

Среди кардинальных отличий можно выделить наличие на проекте квестов, в которых игрокам предлагается выполнение весьма несложных заданий с достаточно щедрыми и реально получаемыми призами до нескольких сотен usd. Привлекает это предложение пока своей не популярностью и, зачастую, занимаются даже не все призовые места, что дает практически гарантированную возможность попасть в таблицу призеров. Минусом, на мой взгляд, тут можно отметить «идентичность» всех квестов, так как задания аналогичны с разницей лишь в слотах, и лично мне бы хотелось все же более разнообразных квестов или создание «большого квеста» по аналогии со stream race. Плюсом можно отметить весьма короткие сроки проведения квеста, что дает возможность выигрывать регулярно.

Account verification still occurs only at the request of the Finance Department, and by analogy with Play Fortuna, for a number of accounts it is not performed or at all, or after a long time. The verification procedure itself is quite simple, and unlike many other casinos, they do not require any selfies or a large list of "extra" documents, and they have enough passports and payment orders.

Payments in a casino, like declared, in reality, and not just in words, are produced 24/7, and you should not be surprised at the crediting of funds at night. The processing time for applications also ranges from 30 minutes to 8 hours, and in practice, applications are processed within 4-6 hours. Despite the fact that money is not withdrawn from the gaming account for the duration of processing, and during this time it is quite possible to lose it, it is worth noting that they don’t pull "to the last" with the payment.

The casino support knows its stuff. Despite the sometimes very long waiting for an answer, which can be attributed to the disadvantages, they will always help in solving the problem. At the same time, they do not shy away from the answer, do not stretch the dialogue time and do not bother, unlike, for example, the support of the casinos from the Play Attack group, although they are less kind.

In conclusion, this review about the Bui casino, I can say that casino BOOI - quite a worthy project with a completely honest approach to doing business, and, accordingly, in relation to its customers. Yes, this is one of the few casinos that consider you not as a gambling addict, but as a client, with all the resulting attitude and respect. Compared to Play Fortuna, the casino has a nicer picture and a better promo, albeit still aimed at low-stakes players.

Still, I hope that BOOI casino will expand its bonus policy and will make a very interesting proposal, including to larger players.

1 review
Posted on November 29 at 19:08 Direct link

Large selection of games.

Registered at Booi Casino, made my first deposit 2000 rubles, I activated the first deposit bonus, so I didn’t win it back, I think this is generally unrealistic. I made three more deposits without any bonuses for a total amount of 20,000 rubles, by some miracle won 50,000 rubles and just sent documents for verification and then the following details become clear: The account was blocked due to a duplicate account, but I did not create other accounts, explain they really cannot in what it is a duplicate, supposedly there is the same name, date of birth and city. Then, according to their logic, we can conclude: if I create an account with the data of someone from the famous streamers of the casino, and the surname, name and date of birth are not very difficult to find on the Internet, then the streamer's account will also be blocked? I do not exclude the possibility that my boyfriend could use my name and surname, but what have I to do with it ??? I wouldn't have any questions if that account was also verified. With such rules, everyone can be blocked according to this point of the rules (90% of the players clearly have full testimonials on this resource), respectively, after they start winning. I ask for help in this appeal. My mail: [email protected]

Booi casino Published on November 29 at 19:34

Daria1996, hello

Please enter your username or email address on our project.

Regards, Booi

1 review
Posted on October 30 at 01:19 Direct link

Parasha Casino

Huge commissions are not justified. Inadequate player support.

6 reviews
Posted on September 01 at 06:08 Direct link

fast conclusions. service of norms. passed the verification quickly.

deposit bonuses are often offered. for which I always took these bonuses. at some point, I began to notice that it was not realistic to launder these bonuses, even it happened from 50 to 100 rubles the bonus did not wash. I studied all the game contributions. that's why they referred to the point like I'm an abuser of bonuses and they cut me off by laundering not 100 percent, but all 20. (for example, if you have 50 rubles in the book of grandfather slot, then 20% goes to laundering from this rate and not 100% as described in game contributions) I do not advise taking deposit bonuses. as sooner or later you will face the same problems.

Booi casino Posted on September 01 at 10:42 am

Hello @manson,

Please note that the table of game contributions is the same for all players. Perhaps you had such a situation that 20% of the bet was taken into account in the game with 100% contribution, it could be if the bet was more than 20% of the initial active bonus, below is an extract from our rules.

16.2. To protect against the high risk of wagering the bonus, each of the bets that go to wagering the bonus must be less than or equal to 20% of the initial value of the active bonus. For any bet of more than 20% of the active bonus, an amount equal to 20% of the bonus will go to wagering.

Best regards, Booi

3 reviews
Posted on August 04 at 20:17 Direct link


No bezdeps. It is impossible to wager the wager for bonuses with their return. I poured in 32,000 in three days. One slot out of 20 puts a bonus. Bonuses are all x20-x40. I didn’t see x100. I played for 10-40 rubles. Giving back is simply missing. Played about 200 slots at 7 providers. Another hohlyatsky scam with a sublicense from a playataka

Booi casino Posted on August 05 at 12:39 pm

genia2179, hello!

Thank you for taking the time to write your review. I would like to note that we have a valid license from Curacao eGaming.

And also we only have official versions of games connected and they work strictly as set by the provider. The authenticity of the game can be checked by each player through the console in the browser.

Here is a link to an article with instructions on how to do it >>

https: //

Regards, Booi

2 reviews
Posted on July 21 at 11:39 am Direct link

Site design, nicely user-friendly
There are a lot of slots and games

Bonuses are not very fat, it is difficult to win back
Disconnects, due to which bonuses are lost, the casino does not always go to a meeting and makes a decision not in your favor, although a jamb of them
managers answer too long, it is not always possible to get the necessary information or help due to the large abundance of templates

Booi casino Posted on July 21 at 11:42 am

2 @ Vitality696 thanks for the objective review, all comments are taken into account.
Regards Booi

Complaints about Booi casino (26)

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