Blacklist: BitcoinPlay casino uses an unlicensed (unofficial) version of the casino software - an imitation of licensed software [the so-called scripted, fake, unlicensed, unofficial, unoriginal, fake or fraudulent (twisted) casino software]. The network contains multiple facts and evidence of non-payment of winnings. Bad, low-quality support. The support service is not able to provide qualified assistance to the players. In T&C casinos, dishonest and extortionate conditions in relation to the players were found. BitcoinPlay Casino has been added to our blacklist. Recommended casinos with higher ratings:

BitcoinPlay || | 355

Netherlands the Поддерживает игроков из страны: Netherlands the


  • Unlicensed scripted slot machines
  • Delays in payouts of winnings
  • The network has multiple facts and evidence of non-payment of winnings

BitcoinPlay is one of the few casinos on the domestic Internet that offers customers the opportunity to play for cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, this is where the list of advantages of this establishment ends.

Despite its innovativeness and modernity, the casino uses good old schemes and techniques in its activities to maximize its income. This approach, of course, suffers players, whose complaints about BitcoinPlay can often be found on the Internet. We tried to understand the reasons for the bad reputation of this casino. You can find the interesting points that were found below.

Application of software without a license

BitcoinPlay is part of the Igro Gambling group. It also includes " Vulcan777", " Oligarch", " Slotclub | || 398 » и другие известные заведения. Все они, как и BitcoinPlay, имеют одну общую черту – они используют нелицензионные автоматы.

What is a licensed slot? This is software developed by well-known companies: for example, Novomatic, NetEnt and others. The creators initially program their product for fair play. The algorithms used are beneficial for both the player and the house. However, some casinos want super profits.

They develop their own slot machines or use previously created copies of the official slots. The casino owner can program such slot machines as he needs. For example, he can set the percentage of refund at 10%. Thus, the resource will keep 90% of the money contributed by the players. In licensed slots, everything is just the opposite - the institution retains only about 10%.

In the information on the site, the BitcoinPlay administration emphasizes that they use well-known machines, among which, for example, the Book of Ra from Novomatic. Everything would be fine, but this manufacturer provides only a small number of casinos with licensed products. This list does not include BitcoinPlay. It's simple: the casino uses a fake version of the "Book of Ra" with algorithms not from the manufacturer, but from its programmers. Do you agree to play by the rules of a person whose main goal is to make money from your love of gambling?

Delays in payments

Like all Igro Gambling casinos, BitcoinPlay suffers from delays in the payment of legitimate winnings ... The timing of the withdrawal of money indicated in the information on the site, most often has nothing to do with reality. This is especially true when it comes to large amounts. According to reviews, most often the transaction is delayed without any explanation. When contacting support, the player receives "vague" phrases that cannot help.

Why is this done? The first is to test the player's endurance. When it comes to a small amount, often clients simply get tired of constantly contacting the administration. The benefit for the casino is obvious - the money remains with the casino. Secondly, you need to take into account an important nuance specified in the rules: even if a player orders a payment, the funds in his account are not frozen. He can play them fully. This is a skillful game on the psychology of a gambling enthusiast. The more time the money remains at the client's disposal, the more likely it is that he will gamble and ultimately lose.

Unclear license situation

A common situation for casinos is to "advertise" information about the license in the most notable places on the site. Thus, the administration makes it clear to the players that the activities of the institution are legal and legal. The BitcoinPlay website does not say anything about the license. Clients have no information about who controls the casino's activities and whether it is controlled at all. This is an extremely important point for a cryptocurrency establishment. The digital currency market is practically not controlled or regulated anyway, and if you transfer bitcoins to an institution without a license, the risk becomes too great.

In addition, there is no information about what checks the random number generator passes. We can most likely assume that BitcoinPlay does not pass them at all. RNG is a mechanism on which the outcome of each game depends. An uncontrolled generator can operate on scripts - that is, on scripts that are beneficial for the casino. This is what BitcoinPlay customers often complain about on the Internet.

Opaque rules

Another common characteristic of all Igro Gambling casinos. Most other establishments pay great attention to the rules. Yes, they can be registered unceremoniously in favor of the casino. Yes, not all of them can be agreed. But their rules are detailed; paragraphs describe all stages of working with the casino.

First, the list of rules in BitcoinPlay casino is very short. There is no information on controversial situations that may arise, as well as on the methods of their solution. There are practically no descriptions of the nuances of depositing money and their withdrawal. Thus, a player may encounter a “freelance” situation, in the solution of which he will not be able to refer to any point of the rules in a dialogue with the administration.

Secondly, a casino that specializes in cryptocurrency does not have any one (!) special paragraph of the rules relating specifically to working with bitcoins. Thus, the process of cooperation with the institution is regulated as in a classic casino accepting ordinary money. This can also lead to the appearance of certain nuances in the work.

Thirdly, some rules contradict each other. For example, one of them says that the administration never resorts to verification. The second point says that verification can be carried out if the administration suspects the player of violations. It would seem like a minor flaw, but the rules in a casino are an extremely important document. Such a frivolous attitude towards him should be alarming.


Opaque rules are just flowers against the background of the facts of the use of fake software and delays in payments. The overall picture is very unpleasant. We recommend spending a little time looking for honest casinos on the Internet. There you can really play for money, and not just give it to the owner of the resource.

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Basic information

Based: 2015

Prohibited countries: UK, Spain, Italy , USA, Turkey, France

Software : Igrosoft

User support

Languages: English, Polish, Russian, || | 483 Украинский

Email: [email protected]

Live chat: Yes

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