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The casino closed in March 2018

BetinHell is a casino of sorts that has earned itself a rather controversial reputation among players. In the information on the site, you can read that the resource offers the user 150 different games. In fact, there are no more than 30 of them. The list of BetinHell features does not end there. We will describe some others below.

Using self-made machines: in any other area, this item could be added to the asset of the establishment, but not in the online casino area. The fact is that their own slots, of course, do not have any license. The owner of a network establishment can customize them as he pleases.

Licensed vending machines work according to the principles set by their manufacturer. The most important point in this context is the return rate. This refers to the amount of players' money that the casino returns to users in the form of winnings. In the case of this casino, the administration itself decides how much will be given back.

Some owners of unscrupulous casinos install copies of licensed slots on their sites so that they at least visually resemble the real ones. BetinHell uses its own product, without hiding it.

A player who comes to this casino must understand that he agrees to play according to the rules of its owner. It is naive to hope that these rules will be fair. An honest casino simply doesn't make sense to use unlicensed software. It's much easier and faster. Plus, genuine machines are serviced and supported by an official developer. Expensive? But these expenses will pay off in a short time, given the popularity of gambling establishments in our country. In addition, casinos with licensed software are especially popular among gamblers. This is a great way to stand out from the competition. BetinHell doesn't think so.

Lack of random number generator checks

The casino is a commercial organization. Like any other company of this type, it must be controlled by the appropriate authorities. In the case of a casino, this body is a commission that checks the operation of the random number generator.

RNG is a mechanism that issues the combinations that the player sees on his screen. Of course, the outcome of any spin depends on it. The regulatory authorities are checking the generator for the use of fraudulent algorithms. BetinHell, like most other domestic casinos, is never verified. In our country, gambling is completely prohibited, so there can be no commission. Casinos obtain licenses abroad, which allows them to avoid systematic checks.

By the way, for the same reason, the player is not able to fairly resolve disputes with the resource. It makes no sense to apply to domestic courts, since these establishments are not the jurisdiction of our country.

Low return rate

One well-known information resource about casinos in 2017 announced that it was terminating cooperation with BetinHell. The reason is the low percentage of money back to the players. According to the administration of this resource, the casino returns to users at best 50% of the funds. For reference: bona fide establishments give out about 90% of winnings. The remaining 10% is a considerable benefit, which is quite enough for the successful operation of a network casino. But BetinHell clearly wants more.

The low percentage can be judged by reading the reviews of real players. According to them, it is simply impossible to win a good amount of money at BetinHell. Yes, small wins do happen, but is this what casino players want?

In addition, it has been noticed that the percentage changes periodically: on certain days it is even more difficult to win anything. This confirms the fact that the administration of the resource can change the parameters of one or another slot machine in real time.

Problematic withdrawal of funds

Anyway, you can win a certain amount in BetinHell slots ... However, after that, the players are faced with the next problem - the difficulty in withdrawing the legitimate winnings. This issue has become especially relevant lately.

Firstly, the payment can be carried out indecently for a long time. Some players have to wait up to a month for even a small amount. At the same time, the administration complains about failures and malfunctions in payment systems. The players have a reasonable question: if there was a failure in these systems, why are deposits accepted regularly and on time? The answer, of course, does not follow.

Secondly, the payment is delayed by the classical method - by means of verification. Players complain that even when withdrawing a small amount, the administration asks for documents to confirm their identity. Of course, this check can take an extremely long time. During this time, players waiting for small amounts may simply “surrender”. Such tricks are, moreover, often used by dishonest bookmakers.

Verification is a method of verifying an identity, which is usually applied only once. Re-checking in decent establishments is carried out only in the event of an unforeseen situation. In BetinHell, very often players are forced to submit their own photo and photo of documents several times. Although there is no reason for this, the administration asks for verification over and over again.


BetinHell is a very special casino. It uses software of its own production, which should already raise doubts among the players. However, in the beginning, the casino did not experience a shortage of a user audience. Now the institution is no longer so popular - many players have left it. The reasons are described above. BetinHell "plays by the rules", while not running an active advertising campaign to attract a new audience. The result is a drop in user interest.

One thing is for sure: there are many casinos on the Internet that are more suitable for a player who wants to spend time in an honest online institution.

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Basic information

Official site:

Based: 2015

Prohibited countries: United Kingdom, Spain, Italy , USA, Turkey, Ukraine, | || 521 ​​Франция

Billing Information

Deposit Methods: Yandex Money, MasterCard, Visa Cards

Currencies: Russian ruble

Min. deposit: 98 rubles

Min. conclusion: 100 rubles

User support

Languages: Russian

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: +506 4 001 89 10

Live chat: Yes

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