Rox Casino - Payouts are canceled, cheated and asked to top up all the time

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December 13, 2021 at 13:04
Time is up!

Good afternoon! Here is such a situation, the Rox casino is engaged in fraud in order to withdraw the winnings, they are constantly asked to replenish and unscrew the x3 type of the volcanic family, and even those boogeymen do not use this. 50 francs in the Rocks casino, you will win back for the same that you give from the free spins, unscrewed the free spins, gave 584, then washed the wager, then asked the casino support how to withdraw the winnings, what they answered me, you can output all the conditions are met, please do it on the payment with which you used to do Dep. I almost did not play at this casino, but for a long time I made a deposit with Yu Mani, since there was no withdrawal on Yu Mani, I made a minimum deposit with Piastrix and put it on a withdrawal. In the morning, the withdrawal was canceled and I asked a question in support of Kakzino why it was canceled to which they gave me the answer that you need to replenish the dep for 584 r and unscrew it three times. I naturally made a dep for another 650 r from Piastrix and while unscrewing x3 I won another win and it became 12 k and After a while, the withdrawal was canceled, then I turned to support there is a callback function, the girl Polina called me, just a clown, I asked her why the withdrawal was canceled, she counted for me some kind of money, then I need to replenish it by 256 r, I told her I just replenished it by 650 r and unscrewed x3 then she said that she would figure it out and call back, but she did not call back. After a while I again applied for a withdrawal at 12 kr and wrote in support of why they don’t withdraw the win because I did everything like me answered and had to withdraw the winnings without b. To which they replied that I should have already replenished by 12 to the deposit and unscrew x3 i.e. replenish another 12 k, maybe add 200k, and then you need another 200 k dep and x3 again this is a circus that's how they cheat and no matter how adequate a person would believe them after that. I think if a normal casino they just have to pay me the winnings and be responsible for their words

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