Online Casino Blacklist

Do you know a casino that is not licensed or uses unlicensed software? contact us and we will definitely add it to our "black list" of online casinos.

In any business there are honest players, and there are those who tries to use workarounds to achieve the goal. Instead of fair competition, they are looking for loopholes in generally accepted rules; many do not hesitate to outright fraud and deception of their customers. They do not have the goal of building a reputation and bringing out their brand leaders. The main task is to earn as much as possible in a short time.

The black list includes those casinos that were found to be dishonest. Below we will dwell in more detail on exactly what techniques are used by dishonest casinos.

How dishonest casinos work

Their creators cannot be denied logic. Most gamblers view the casino as a way to relieve stress, have some fun and enjoy the game. Only a small part of them are serious about their choice, most of them have a rather loud name and bright design.

It is because of this that several dozen of the same Volcano can be counted on the network. These are just sites with no regulation, they also use unlicensed software (we'll talk about this a little below). Even in theory, it is impossible to win in them, although on the main page it can be written that almost 99% of the player's bets are returned here. Above are examples of such gambling sites masquerading as real casinos.

Of the frequently encountered tricks, we note:

  • non-payment of the won. For encouragement and bait, you can be allowed to win and, moreover, quite good sums. But what's the use of this if no one is going to deduce them to you. You can endlessly deal with technical support, they may even answer you, simulating real proceedings in a situation. But it all ends sadly - you will not see money;
  • different ratings are often introduced, tournaments are held. All of this is rigged and done in such a way as to encourage money players to invest even more. Imagine, you are in 5th place, there are very few left to enter the top three. Most likely you will fund your account and continue playing. But shortly before the end of the tournament, as if by magic, your opponents (who do not really exist) bypass you, and you are left with nothing;
  • ranked rallies are also not very useful. You can get some money in them, but you are guaranteed to lose several times more.

This is the main difference between scammers and honest representatives of the gambling business. At honest casinos, you can well win and get your money, while scammers do not even give a ghostly chance. As soon as you deposit money into their account, you can say goodbye to them.

Manipulation with regulator licenses

When a person sees a phrase that says that the casino is regulated by, for example, a Maltese regulator, it subconsciously instills confidence in him. It seems that everything is serious here and deception is excluded.

Fraudsters do not hesitate to counterfeit licenses. And they are not particularly creative. They simply write that a license has been obtained, for example, from Curacao or Malta and indicate a fictitious number. It is not always possible to check on the website of the regulator itself whether a gambling establishment has actually received a license, so be careful. The casinos from the list above convince us that they have a license, although in most cases this is not the case. A small instruction on how to do this:

У других регуляторов, например, мальтийского, английского, Гибралтара, Alderney и ряде других проверить наличие лицензии можно. Небольшая инструкция о том, как это сделать:

  • On the casino website we are looking for information about who is the regulator. This is usually written in small print at the bottom of the page. In the lower left corner it says that SlotsMillion is licensed by British, Maltese and Dutch regulators;
  • now go directly to the regulator's website and enter the name of the casino. In the search results, we get information on the company that owns SlotsMillion. In our case, it is Alea Gaming Limited;
  • click on View and look at information on the company owner.

As you can see, the license is valid, in addition to SlotsMillion, 2 more domains and are registered .uk. It also reflects information on sanctions against casinos, they are not. Similarly, we are checking for the rest of the regulators announced on the site.

Another trick on the part of scammers is working under a name similar to a well-known brand. Take, for example, the same SlotsMillion, but change one letter in the name, we get something like Information on licenses is copied and players, without suspecting anything, fall for the bait.

Fake gaming software

The key requirement in the gaming software is that the casino administration should not be able to adjust the percentage of return. And only software from leading developers can guarantee this.

Imagine a game with a return rate of about 95%. This percentage indicates how much money will remain in your account after a long game. With an increase in the number of bets, you will get closer to the declared RTP.

For example, the value of your deposit is equal to 1 million minimum bets. If you constantly play and make a million bets, then about 95% of the initial capital should remain on the account.

Software developers value their reputation, so there are no pitfalls. In addition, regulators check the percentage of return when issuing a license. Providers of gaming software must also have a license, their own.

Such a scheme of work is not suitable for fraudsters. Their goal is to make the maximum amount of money in a short time. If their machines gave out a return percentage of 90-95%, they would not have earned much. Therefore, the choice is made in favor of fakes or their own scripts.

In fact, such a game may look very similar to what the developers of gaming software offer. But the appearance is just a sign, it is not known by what laws this game works. If the administration wants to, it can twist the percentage of return even to zero. They won't get anything for it, and the players will only think that today was not their day.

Outwardly, it may be impossible to distinguish such software from licensed software. That is why you should not mess with unfamiliar casinos. If a newbie lands on such a site, he probably won't notice the catch.

Stop feeding scammers

In order not to face fraudulent casinos, we recommend:

  • always check, do not whether it is blacklisted;
  • only select casinos with high ratings. Our rating is constantly updated, and the site administration cannot influence it;
  • if in doubt, double-check the license on the regulator's website. It is best if there are several licenses, for example, from the British and Maltese regulators;
  • not to play in casinos using incomprehensible software. There are recognized leaders in this field such as NetEnt, Betsoft, Microgaming. The casino rating can be filtered by the software used.

If you follow these rules, then with a high degree of probability you will avoid problems and get the most out of the game.


Черный список важный и нужный элемент при выборе. Ни в коем случае не играйте в казино если оно входит в список ненадежных. Выбор в игорной сфере просто огромный, так что потратив минут 10-15 на подбор и анализ вы сможете подобрать казино, подходящее под все ваши запросы.

So don't take it lightly. Analyze, compare different casinos and get profit from the game.

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